Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vintage Coffee Pots and Stuff

I'm thinking about pulling all my good Pyrex out of the antique mall booth since I'm getting sick and tired of hearing the owner tell me people think my prices are too high.  Apparently everyone's mother or grandmother in this podunk town had a kitchen full of Pyrex that they used on a daily basis and if she says to me one more time: "And they just can't believe that old Pyrex is selling for those prices!"  I'm sorry, but I have a rare 1961 promotional Golden Grape with delphite interior chip & dip WITH the holder and WITH the box priced at $52.  Is that too high?  I realize I'm asking a bunch of people who (like me) shop at thrift stores this question, but after researching it I think it's fair.  I wound up selling a Fire-King jadeite batter bowl for $15!  Pyrex fridge dishes in perfect condition WITH the lids (also in perfect condition) for $6!

So like I said, I'm thinking about yanking everything marked "Pyrex" and handing it over to my niece Corinne.  She's getting married next month and I'm pretty sure she'd wet her pants if she suddenly had a kitchen full of vintage Pyrex.   NOTE: this is what I'm THINKING, not necessarily what I'm DOING (so if Corinne is reading this, have patience my child).

Now that I've had my Pyrex hissy fit, I wanted to show a coffee pot that I picked up along the way about a year ago.  I just found out today that there's also a matching sugar & creamer.  In my excitement I "lost" the website of the young lady who had just found the sugar & creamer but she did a post on the Pyrex Collective website today (?) so I'm sure I'll find her again.

I'm going to do Part 2 of this post tomorrow morning.  The internet on a Saturday afternoon is just waaaay too crowded and waaaaay too slow.  Anyway, I'm dragging hubby to a country auction tonight with the enticement of "You know, honey, there MIGHT be some tools . . ."


  1. It's not too high, they are too cheap!
    Love that coffee pot too! Funny how 'things' flashback from the 60's when you see them again and never realized you even noticed them! Or is it just me and the 60's 'coming back' to haunt me! lol

  2. I'm the "young lady" who posted about the sugar and creamer (but to quote you, I'm more on the vintage side, lol, but thank you for that!)

    Boy, the coffee pot is absolutely gorgeous!!

    I agree with Jim about the flashback thing, when I go to our local antique mall, I see sooo many things that remind me of my childhood!

  3. Yank that Pyrex girl!! If they don't appreciate what you have at reasonable prices, XXXX 'em! Love that Pyrex coffee pot and I see the 'young lady' found your post! hugs, Linda

  4. My Pyrex is the "new" stuff, in this house. And, it's all used and used again. But, I don't know anything about this subject, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut and maybe learn something. I do like that coffee pot.

  5. I have a coffee pot just like that. When I had my garage sale, it's one of the few pots that made the cut. I just love the pattern.

  6. Pyrex is not so collectable here but even still your prices don't sound high to me at all. I just had a look on Australian ebay for you and the pyrex going for your sort of prices are the harlequin bowls/ramekins, dishes with patterns on the outside, clear saucepans and coffee percolators. It's just the palin coloured stuff thats not selling. If you're practically giving stuff away to strangers you might as well give it to family! I'm not sure about the pyrex fridge dishes here but the McAlpine and Frigidaire glass fridge dishes go for enormous money and are super-rare, I've seen them go for $250 plus. I've just put a coffee perc. very similar to yours in my shop for I think $20, the pattern around the side is noticeably worn or it'd have been more.

  7. Oh, everybody can get sometime somewhere else cheaper. :-)

    Beautiful coffee pot...


  8. Yes, I would post it or keep it before I'd let it go for too little! I had the same experience here when I had my shop, and I was way cheap!

  9. It's not so collectable in the UK either well I don't think so but I'm think the prices sound fine from what I've seen on US ebay!

    People will always bitch about prices, they even do that when I take my stall to events, that's my business it's not vintage stuff but new stuff and people still bitch about the price, my response, if you don't want to pay that you don't have to buy it you know!

  10. I gave you a Stylish Blog Award!! You know what to do! Link to my blog and send four awards to the blogs you like best! Then, post seven things about yourself on your blog!!

  11. I had the same problem with my vintage Pyrex. Sold some on etsy for like $6.00. Kept the really good stuff for myself. Wonder if the market has been flooded with vintage Pyrex and thats why people dont want to pay the fair value prices? Your prices sound ok to me, but what does the market in your area reflect? Just wondering.

  12. Hmmm, well, I don't collect therefor don't pay a lot of attention to pyrex sales, but from what I have seen, sounds more than reasonable to me!!

    Maybe it's because of my area, but things in antique shops around here are priced 4-10X as high as eBay, last time I checked them out. I mean, really insane prices. Insane even if you had a lot of money to burn.

    I think it's also why several major antique malls closed around here, and more I'm sure, I just have not been to them in the last 6+ years.

    But like I said the stuff in the shops around here didn't seem to adjust their prices and take things like eBay into consideration.

    BUT the advantage to buying in malls/shops is, you can pick it up and look at it, and not have to pay shipping or worry about it being damaged, so your prices seem very fair.

    One of these days I'll dust off my chrome small kitchen appliances and post them. The only vintage coffee pots I have are chrome.

  13. Oh and P.S. Put a note on your stuff and say: "Hey if you think this is priced high, go shop for antiques in California!!"

  14. I want my coffee poured out of that pot every day for the rest of my life.