Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Hope Y'All Weren't Holding Your Breath . . .

. . . for your GJB Fan Club pendants or you'd be dead and buried by now.  But guess what?!  I have finally completed 10 of the custom-designed holder-thingie boxes and will be shipping them out to at least that many of you by, um, tomorrow?  I also need to get Rachel to make up a few more, too!

Just wanted to show you my ever-changing living room, now with the antique bookcase that was brutally dinged up until I slopped "Burnt Umber" acrylic paint on the corners.  Now if I look at it without my glasses on, it's perfect!

OK, now here are the bloggie friends who indicated they wanted to be GJB Fan Club groupies:
Kathy (please email me your full name & address)
Barbara With The Hand Issues
Magpie Ethel
1950's Atomic
Midcentury Madam
Christine (who is probably frozen solid in OK)
Linda @ A La Carte
Amber Von Felts
Suzanne (please email me your full name and address--I think you already did but I accidentally erased your email)
Corinne E (but of course you already HAVE a pendant since you're my soon-to-be-wed niece)
Ninny (who is also probably frozen solid in OK)
The Amazing Rachel of Two Dog Pond

Speaking of Barbara With The Hand Issues, she just sent me something that many of you crafty-type gals would pretty much DIE FOR.  I will post about it tomorrow or whenever, since I'm getting to be pretty erratic with my posting.

Oh, and for those of you who are buried under that snow stuff in other parts of the country, maybe the fact that I sat under a TORNADO WARNING for half the day yesterday might make you feel a little better!


  1. Ah, I'm glad you got the box. I figured out of anyone, you would appreciate it! And my Hand Issues are resolved and it works well. Well enough to slap you upside the head!

  2. There you are! I was ready to call out the hounds to find you!

    Just glad to see you post!!

  3. I wasn't holding my breath, lol. Don't forget to email me his address, I think some Valentines would be fun to send! Hugs, Linda

  4. Your living room is dreamy I tell you, dreamy! Love your vintage treasures.

    I'll have to skim your archives to find out what GJB Fan Club is all about, though :) Oops..

  5. Where have you been????? I thought you'd dropped off the face of the Earth. Don't do this to us too often. Missed you.

  6. Now I feel a lot better! he said unable to see out the windows due to so much snow that he couldn't believe his eyes!

    Thanks for the GJB Fan Club pendant that is coming my way!! Your Dad is a very lucky man Christine!

  7. I would gladly hunker down in my downstairs powder room with sirens blaring and skies boiling than spend three more days housebound in a frigid landscape with 10 inches of Hell's Joke on Okies all over the ground. That's why I live in Tornado Alley and not Alaska. Be a dear and don't remind me I said that come May when I'm shaking from fear that my house is going to blow away. I may hate snow, but I'm also terrified of tornados.

    That said, thanks so much for the pendant! I shall wear it with pride, photograph me wearing it and email that to ya.


  8. HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD THE THOUGHT OF YOU IN DANGER POSSIBLY MAKE ME FEEL BETTER?! Haha I <3 you and wouldn't want anything to happen. but its colder than a cast iron commode here in texas, we've been sitting prity at -4 all day. Stay warm and Safe!

  9. Hey Chris - Got your e-mail and am working on your next batch of GJB Fan Club Pendants! Your handsome witty fabulous dad is also a lucky man. Thanks my friend!

  10. Oh Christine! I 'm glad you are well in body if not in mind..hee hee! I used to live in Ohio where we had a lot of tornado action. Hiding in the root cellar with my fam and as many farm animals as we could wrangle was no fun! I have fled to the west, and without invoking too much hate mail, its really dang nice here. I'm sure after I hit send, I'll choke on my oatmeal for being a braggart! :-)

  11. Christine Clayton
    2807 Houston St.
    Muskogee, Oklahoma

    Remember the song, Okie From Muskogee, by Merle Haggard? That's us.

  12. I got my pendant today! your kindness brought tears to my eyes. You are such a lucky gal to still have your wonderful Daddy and he is truly blessed to have such a sweet girl! Thanks for the extra prezzie too. Glad you are enjoying the matchboxes. They are such fun to make! and as for the matches, I keep all mine in a vase, along with an extra box and use them for candles, etc. Sometimes, hubby takes them to work and they use them to light the bunsen burners in the lab.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. Hi is it too late to become a GJB fan club member??

  14. Gogita!I got my birthday card... THANKS! I love the song... Quite appropriate.

  15. Where is you girl??

    Thanks for the valentine!! I'm remiss in sending mine. I've had no time!