Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Pink

Cambridge Glass "Crown Tuscan" vases and Seashell line candy dish.  The pink kitty is actually a salt (or pepper) but I bought it as a figurine since I hardly ever find onesies to complete a set.  Also shown is a Lenox perfume bottle.  These are all on my beautiful $75 antique dresser that my brother-in-law refinished and he did a GREAT job!

Yesterday I dragged my husband to a depression glass show in Pensacola.  As soon as I walked in I about fainted--so much beautiful glass!  And so expensive!  Of course the dealers were complaining about the lack of sales but they were charging ridiculous prices--granted, you know when you go to a glass show prices are going to be high but you also know you're getting top of the line glass.  But still . . . Even non-glass items were sky-high.  I spied a pair of Shawnee "Little Red Riding Hood" salt & peppers and since I have one (that I bought for a couple bucks because at the time I didn't know about this particular collectible and just liked the look on her face) I flipped one over to see the price and about fainted.  $159!  The vendor also had the cookie jar, sugar and creamer, and some other stuff but I decided not to look at THOSE prices! 

Aren't we supposed to be in a recession or something?  ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE BUCKS FOR A PAIR OF SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS?  Puh-LEEZ!  Even I, the world's biggest spendthrift, was shocked.  So shocked, in fact, that at the very next booth I spied a tiny Fenton cranberry opalescent hobnail vase and when the dealer saw me pick it up to look at the price, he said, "For you, I'll make it $**" and I said, "Sold!  Honey, pay the man!"

Retail therapy calms me every time.

My husband doesn't seem to enjoy being a complete blob at La Condo like I do so we won't be here long--I'll take him home in a day or so and then come back with the kids and without the hubby.  He's much happier puttering around in his workshop.  As long as he's able to feed himself, which he does quite well as evidenced by a garbage can full of fast food restaurant trash, he'll be ok without me for a few days. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and thinking lots of positive thoughts for the speedy recovery of Miz 1950's Ranch's kitty boy, Chris.


  1. Antique malls around here close up shop, but never tried lowering their redicilous prices first. I mean, they triple, quadruple, montuple their proces compared to eBay. wtf?

    Even with the occasional bad seller, eBay is still the best game in town. Even with the occasional "loss" (cracked item, fake) you're still better off.

    $159 is a frikkin crime against humanity lol I hope they never sell them.

    Thanks for the mention of my little buddy.

  2. Not to change the subject, but I am (Though the glass is BEAUTIFUL!!)... What was the outcome of the HW furniture??????

  3. $159?? Who the hell do they think they're fooling? We have a couple of "antique" shops next to each other downtown. One is reasonable, one is outrageous! I see people coming out shaking their heads all the time.

    Keeping my eye out for pink kitty s/p shaker...

  4. It's crazy charging so much then complaining no one is buying, retail is tough tight now, I know I run a retail business, but overcharging is just crazy in this climate!

  5. I am not surprised you found such high prices! I was somewhat dissappointed on the longest yard sale as I found really HIGH prices. So I found some deals but not as many as hoped for.
    I would love to be a blob at the beach!

  6. I was so busy whining I forgot to say how much I love your Pink vignette and that pink Seashell candy dish!!!

  7. My prices were super reasonable and I did pretty good for the location..until it got dark earlier and cold- and people didn't get out as much. Plus, I could only be there in the evenings and weekends..but, I think some people would rather "hold out" and keep their crap instead of selling at a lower price! Zootsuitmama

  8. I know is that not crazy?! Theres one Dealer/antique shop that i went into about a year ago, and the cheapest thign in the place was $50 and that was for a table cloth... I went in there the other dya just to look at the prices and laugh, and I disovered he has slashed prices not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! He told me he'd moved a lot of stuff since the price cuts and i thought ot myself "yeah because only NOW ar eyour prices reasonable...." he has a pair of TV rabbit ears I think im gonna go get soon haha. $18?! but its worth it to me.

  9. I laughed so hard at this line.. ("Sold! Honey, pay the man!") I think the same thing in my head on countless occasions. =)

  10. Hahahaha, Mrs. C! Call an ace an ace. 159.00 for s and p shakers, get real?! Must have sucker written on the other side of the price tag.

    Your pink vignette is gorgeous. And I am reminded how much I love vintage pink. *sigh*

    Hello and hugs to you and the Mister!

  11. A depression glass show? Are you kidding me?! I'd be in 7th heaven! I got so much of this stuff that when I'm ready to sell, I hope I at least get my money back for it.
    Yes, prices are CRAZY here too ( in Nova Scotia). Gone are those days when you could get most of this for under 20 bucks!
    That Crown Tuscan is nice.

  12. I think prices for good junk (I use that term soooo loosely) are ridiculously shameful and shady that some people think they can milk $159 for s/p shakers. They probably got them at an estate sale or garage sale for 25 cents. They would be the first to scream if someone stole them, but in my opinion the real crooks are the ones selling them!