Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heywood-Wakefield. A Bunch of It. Help Me . . .

OK, here's the scoop.  I have the opportunity to buy the following Heywood-Wakefield furniture:
A three-wishbone-legged dining table with 2 additional leaves (like the one below)
Six dogbone chairs (one with arms)
A three-drawer buffet with side opening shelving and pull down secretary
A three-shelf open hutch

It's all blonde and certifiably vintage Heywood-Wakefield.  They want me to make an offer and after googling the stuff the prices for similar pieces are all over the map. 

(This is not THE table but the same model's on eBay going for around $600-800).

The people selling the furniture don't know diddly-squat about it BUT they were smart enough to have the owner of the local antique mall come over to look at it and apparently she went over with her Heywood-Wakefield reference book.  So any opportunity to snatch this stuff up for a song is now toast.

Just for s**ts and giggles, what would YOU offer?  I have an figure in mind--my husband went with me to look at the pieces and he likes them (but knows nothing about the brand other than what I've told him) so I said, "So honey, what would you offer," and he said, "Well, no more than six" and for just one shining, fleeting moment I thought, "Oh thank you god" and then crashlanded back to reality when I thought, "No wait, this is MY husband, so that six will only have two zeroes after it," and he confirmed that.  Six hundred dollars for all that beautiful Hey-Wake.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anyway (and I did NOT do all that laughing to his face, it was internal.  Although I wanted to, actually)--let's everyone pretend that we have some money tucked away for just this eventuality, and let me know what you think. 

There are some condition issues--dear ole Dad decided to refinish the top of the dining table and Mike immediately spotted a bunch of brushstrokes in the varnish.  Also, a couple of the chairs are mighty rickety and all the legs have scuff marks (not bad).  Definitely a set that was used by the family.  On the plus side, the tabletop is pristine, other than having all those brushstrokes.  Mom had about five layers of tableclothes and padding between the surface and anything that was placed on top of it.

  I'm pretty sure I won't be getting this, but that depends on how greedy these people are (three adult children of the recently deceased Mom).  I want it for myself and not to resell, by the way.


  1. Damn you to hell! I know you're still going to get it for a song. I can't say what I'd pay because I am an extremely cheap bastard. But I'd love it, truly I would.

    Six hundred? I think that's way too much, but again, I'm a miser. Which is why I don't have nice stuff!! Wait, you said chairs too. Okay then, not bad.

    Let them tell YOU what they want for it and start there. I've asked what people are asking for stuff and they ALWAYS name a price lower than what I would offer. Sweet.

  2. Be the 'expert' here. Make the sellers aware of the 'damage' and refinished table top. Make them aware that you know the true value for something in this condition. What that is I don't have a clue....certainly not what they want!

  3. I'm worthless here, because I am clueless myself. =(

    But damn, hope you get it!! =D

  4. I don't know what I'd offer, but it is a nice piece.

    I knew nothing about Heywood-Wakefield until recently, when at a local antique store, I came across one of the most beautiful desks I've ever seen. Unfortunately it was way too rich for my blood at nearly $1800, but it was a beauty. I took a picture which I now can't find, but here's a link to someone else's pic if you want to see the desk.

    The same desk is selling on Etsy for $500.

  5. There are several websites selling Heywood-Wakefield and the prices are outrageous, but I guess if you have deep pockets . . .

  6. Okay, if you point out the flaws, they'll know right away you're trying to get it on the cheap. On the other hand, ask them what they want for it...that way you'll know just how much they actually know about Heywood-Wakefield. Then if they give you a price, offer a lower one even if the price they first quote you is a sweet deal. Now I don't know much about H-W, but it looks really cool and I like it! Good luck, and you better keep us informed or I'll dog you about it until you do!

    Drooling (don't I always over your stuff),

  7. All of those pieces? Lucky! I bought a table and 6 chairs for $400 in Nashville at an antique mall. They wanted $500 and we talked them down. Whatever you want to offer, go lower so that if they counter you have wiggle room to offer more, and if they dont then woohoo for you! Imma say $2000 but thats just me. I could be way off!

  8. OMG... 600.00 sounds like A LOT of money to me... I have no idea what to propose to offer. I only hope that you get it, because I know that Hey-Wake is big leagues in the MCM world, Mrs. C.

  9. H-W is all over the board right now! Just went to a country auction Wed. night where two wicker chairs went for $5.00 each. Go figure.

  10. Those "value guide" prices are often very inflated and self-serving to the author...and they are mostly for mint condition pieces, which these are clearly not. The internet site prices also reflect excellent condition or high-quality refinishing.

  11. Where are you located? My SIL in Missouri has a HW vintage full size bedroom set WITH a vanity and pouf stool. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  12. I say you buy it, for whatever cost, and gift it to me. I need a dining table. I mean really, you have a second home're obviously very wealthy and should give to the poor now.

    Did that work? Feeling sorry for me yet? Charity begins at home you know!!

    Thanks for the postcard BTW...poor Scarlett...

  13. I have no idea what to offer but I agree with many of the above, ask what they want, they are selling so they name the price. Good luck!

  14. Whatever you decide, be sure to let us know how it works out!

  15. I have no idea what to offer, but I hope you get it. All of it & take photos & let us drool over it. :)

  16. I have a similar set, in good condition with the original finish, with the wishbone table, 6 dogbone chairs (1 with arms) and a buffet. It cost about $1,300, but you might be able to get a better deal. I hope it works out!

  17. It depends on how much you want it when deciding how much you will pay for it no matter it's worth. My motto is, If you want it, go for it.