Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winners All Over The Freakin' Place!!!!

First, I wanted to thank SusieQT of Practice In Time for choosing ME as the winner of her giveaway!  Well, that's not quite true--she used Random.org to randomly pick the random winner but since I wanted the salt & pepper shakers SO MUCH the random gods waved their magic wands and voila!  

I already have one of these souvenir plates from New Orleans so now, guess what? It's a collection, and since I (a) live 50 miles from New Orleans, and (2) have visited Mount Rushmore not one but TWO TIMES in my life, these plates are from actual places I've been.  Awesome!
You know, they say losing makes you stronger, but WINNING MAKES YOU DO THE HAPPY DANCE.  WOO HOO!! 

Second, the very useful Random.org assisted me in finding the winner of the Vintage Christine 100 Follower Giveaway.  And the winner is (drum roll, s'il vous plait):
If you will kindly email me at chris.1950@hotmail.com with your address I'll sending that darling little kittycat right on out to you!  Thanks to everyone who left a comment -- there were a total of 43 entries which is pretty darn good!

Third, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY.  Hey, I'm on a roll here--and now up to 120 followers.  I'll give details in tomorrow's post.  Thanks to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments--it's just amazing how people will fawn over you if they want something, isn't it?

Just wanted to share a photo of a beautiful fan vase I recently added to my fan vase collection.  It's "Silver Crest" by Fenton, one of their most popular lines--they've been making it since 1943.  My vase isn't marked Fenton so that means it's probably pre-1973 (the line is still in sporadic production due to its popularity).   They produced a floor lamp with a "Silver Crest" shade that is to die for!

Oh, and about the crown in the banner picture--I saw it at the flea market and scooped it up, intending to pay just about whatever they wanted for it.  It was just SCREAMING vintage Mardi Gras ball!  And when I asked how much and they said those magic words, "Oh, I don't know, how about ten bucks?" I literally wanted to hug them!  Whipped that tenspot out of my wallet, put the crown on my head and floated away.  Since it fits MY giganto head it was probably made for a ball king, but who cares--it's old and ALL the rhinestones are still there!  I wanted to wear it to the Mardi Gras drag ball I attended this year but my cousin said if I showed up in a crown I'd be banned, and since this was a DRAG ball I'd probably get bitchslapped and my eyeballs scratched out, as well . . .

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  Happy Tuesday, y'all!!


  1. lol! I LOVE the crown and will happily endure some bitch slaps to wear it!!

  2. Congrats Ninny!

    Oh wow, and a vid of the Nicholas Brothers! I think you and I are the only two people in blogland who knows who that is Christine ha ha.

    Gee and EXCELLENT score on the tiara!! Don't let those other queens grab it off your head because you know they will try! lol... Good advice, best not to even wear it, if you want to leave with your dignity hee hee...

  3. Aren't you the lucky girl! Love those s&p's and the plate! Of course I'm really happy for the winner of my cat planter but I'm nice enough to share! OK I have some serious envy for that crown! Love it girl! Gosh I love New Orleans lived there for several years and there is no where else like it!

  4. ME??? The random God's must love me, too! Thank you, Chris!!!! A birthday present of sorts. I am so excited about that little planter!! Looks just like the first pet I ever owned, a Siamese that lived to be ten. Anywho I'll be emailing you right away. That tiara would be perfect for a Drag Ball...and if you survived the jealous cat-fights, you would have another reason to wear it. QUEEN of the ball!


  5. Damn that Ninny!! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to do more thrifting.

    I LOVE your prize! Random or not, those are cool!!

  6. That crown is perfect for you! I imagine you're wearing while shopping, cooking, but not cleaning, blogging...

  7. Aww, great contest, wish I'd entered.

  8. I have a vase super similar to your fan Fenton - altho I think mine is a bit different shape. Scored it last summer from a neighbors garage sale. Nice crown...Queen Vintage Christine!

  9. YoW! Bitch slapped by man-hands to boot! Better leave the tiara at home!