Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glad Day, Sad Day

I "won" two lots of Fenton hobnail milk glass last week, and after getting hysterical a couple days ago when it appeared my stuff had been sent to New York instead of Mississippi (the tracking number the seller sent me was wrong), the box arrived yesterday.  Aren't they beautiful?!

The only problem is, this isn't all that I won. 

I also received a 3-legged bowl:

A two-handled nut dish:

A creamer:

And last, the main thing I wanted out of both lots, a pedestal double-crimped bowl/comport:   

As I was unwrapping it, I heard a tiny little tinkling sound.  As the bubble wrap peeled off, everything looked good.  Unfortunately, a tinkling sound in the glass world usually means something's broken.  Aack!

As usual when I manage to get a great deal on eBay something happens to negate most of the "greatness".  I'm filing a claim and the seller is trying to do her best to make things right.  I'm not hopeful about the claim since there was no damage to the box and truthfully, these items weren't packed as well as they should have been AND she definitely should have used two boxes.

Oh well, life happens.  Now I'm off to see my Dad, er, Pegleg Georgie, who has still managed to maintain a sunny positive attitude despite having major "phantom leg" issues.  

Upon my return, I have a super duper fantastic new giveaway to share with y'all!!!!!

Oh, and Miz Ninny, I'm holding your kittycat hostage until you send me your address--although she just announced she's going to whoop it up in Branson with her sister so no telling WHEN (or even IF) she'll return . . . 


  1. aw man, That's such a bummer :( But, happy to hear that your father is doing well :)

    ps Is that a BOOT I see in the top photo?

  2. Chris, thats bulls!!t, the seller should refund you regardless, they obviously stuffed up big time. Best wishes for your dad's health, what a trouper he must be :)

  3. what a bummer! the seller should refund part of the money and shipping at least.

  4. Ooooo Christine, that sucks!! We search and search for good deals, and get excited about the possibility of winning, then we DO win (!), and then to be bummed out to discover those items are broken is really disappointing. =(

    Give Dad a hug and kiss for all of us!

  5. Woah! Bummer! Good luck with your claim. That is always my biggest fear!!!

  6. I feel your pain! I found some awesome milk glass and when it arrived in pieces I cried! Not just for me losing it but the fact that such beautiful pieces were broken and lost to milk glass lovers! I hate when things are not packed well. sigh! Good note: So happy to hear your Dad is doing well!!

  7. That sucks. I've started to be wary of buying glass stuff online because the sellers never pack it well.

    Tell Pegleg George we all send our love!

  8. dang, that sucks. That's the main reason I don't sell or buy anything delicate on ebay, since I have a very limited patience/tolerance for stuff like this, but at least some of it arrived intact. hopefully things will work out, I mean, there's always the threat of bad feedback right?

    thanks for your comment! I'd love to see your arm, that sounds like a very fun scene. I love nature themed tattoos. obviously.
    try getting tattoos ON your tattoos? like a meta-tattoo? been seeing quite a bit of those lately, although obviously those are planned that way. but who knows what the future holds for tattoo technology?

  9. That sucks! It looks like it was wrapped pretty good. Maybe there were just too many things in a box! Liz, I'm jealous! Loved the kitty planter!

  10. Oh, this is terrible.. I love getting packaging however, it's disappointing when something isn't packed correctly;(
    BTW, I love your new backdrop and header, Fancy!

  11. I, too, love vintage milkglass!!!! And I am so sorry that some of the pieces you bought arrived broken. Mailing can be sooo frustrating!!
    Happy day!

  12. Oh that's a shame. So like Ebay!! grrrrr....

  13. I'm sorry to hear about the broken items, I know how disappointing that can be. Having said that, I have to chime in and be the devils advocate for sellers. I sold hundreds of items on eBay, I took a professional packaging class at a packing shipping store, spent much more on packaging materials that I was collecting (even when people were complaining the shipping was too high even though I was only charging the postal mailing cost), packed stuff really well, and SOME OF STILL ARRIVED BROKEN. I always insured packages, even when buyers refused to pay for it, and you can't imagine the horrible messages I got from folks. As a seller, if I've mailed a package and insured it, I can't tell the post office how to handle it, and THEY require the recipient to file the insurance claim. It sucks, but realize it sucks on both ends.

    I quit selling on eBay for this reason. The funniest part of the whole story is that the customer who screamed the loudest and sent me the worst message (about a $4 salt shaker) emailed me several times telling me she needed me to start selling because I found the coolest stuff and had the cheapest prices.

    It's just not worth it for me.

    I always wonder how many cool items don't make it to eBay that used to because of this........

  14. oh no!! but the other pieces are great. hope your dad continues to do well.

  15. The last two things that I bought from Ebay arrived broken, or they failed to tell me about chips in the description. I ended up getting the McCoy vase for free. That seller was amazing. And the other seller refunded me all of my shipping. This seller should be falling all over herself trying to make you happy. If she just used bubblewrap, it's not enough. She should have used styrofoam too. Anyway, the stuff that survived is gorgeous, especially that huge vase, and that covered dish, which I've never seen before!

  16. SO Horrible! I am always so afraid when I send out a package...I do my best to pack it so well but you just never fun

  17. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry that happened, that's the worst, most disappointing feeling ever after being so excited about winning something. Any way to glue it back together???