Friday, June 18, 2010

There Are Angels Out There

It's been a very hectic week and I haven't been attending to my blogly duties.  We were informed that we will be closing on the condo TODAY, which means we won't be going to Mick's party at the Casablanca (waaaaah).  My dad was transferred to a rehab hospital and he's doing so well that they're telling him he'll be able to go home in less than two weeks (yaaaaaaay).  The U.S. mail has lost a box of Fenton glass--the glass that was replacing the Fenton glass they'd broken in a previous shipment.

So it's been UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN . . . and then Miz Mail Lady toots her horn yesterday, I'm thinking "the Fenton glass has finally gotten here!" but no!  She has a teeny weeny box from Miz Two Dog Pond and a giNORmous box from Angelyn M. (she'd warned me she'd sent me a "happy" but like I said, the box was giNORmous).

First off, thanks go out to Miz TDP and Miz Angel for totally making my day!  Angel included this note:
"As I was putting these things together, it occurred to me, I'm sending her a box of junk!  Then I, each and every one of these things have made me smile.  So it is not really a box of junk, it is a box of treasures.  I hope each one makes you smile.  Do what you will with them.  I'm so glad that I have gotten to know you.  Love you.  Angelyn".  LOOK WHAT SHE SENT!!!!!

Being "of a certain age" that cootie game about brought me to tears.  Well, as a matter of fact it DID bring me to tears.  I had that game when I was a kid and of course using the word "cootie" in a derogatory manner (as in, "Ewww, you've got COOTIES!") was just about the cruelest thing you could say back then.  Leprosy?  Ha ha HA--if someone accused you of having cooties, that was it for you.  An untouchable.  Doomed, even.

There were so many neat things in the box and I love every single one of them.  These three are going to Florida with us today and will be the very first items placed in the condo.
(And of course their names are, from left to right: Sally, Susie & Gogie, otherwise known as The Flamingettes)

Here's to all my wonderful friends in Blogland!  Thanks for being you!


  1. Okay, guilt me. I'll try very hard to get your package in the mail this weekend. While I give off a calm, cool exterior, I really can barely keep up with my life!!

  2. Yea on the on missing Mick's party (I know you really wanted to go). Love the gifts and you know I have a 'thing' for Flamingos!!!

  3. Wowee! I LOVE cooties! We had a younger version, to play with as kids and somewhere along my travels I came across the OG one you have, I gave it to my mommy, she loved Cooties!

  4. Great news about Dad, booooo about the missing box, hope the closing was successful and wow, wonderful gifts!!

  5. Yay for good news. I'm loving those flamingos & I sent you a happy in the mail yesterday :) Have fun at the condo-don't forget photos!!!

  6. So glad you liked your box of "treasures."

  7. The very first thing I saw was that Cootie box and I nearly screamed, "Chris got Cooties!!" In a nice way, of course...I was so jealous, um, I mean politely southerly "envious." That is so cool...a Cootie game! Great news about the condo and it looks so nice. What fun for years to come, if you don't mind oil blobs that is. Hey, you could make "lava" lamps out of that stuff and make tons of money!(I gave you the idea so I get 10 % of the profits! LOL)All kidding aside, your beach house looks wonderful and you will surely enjoy it. Your box of treasures isn't junk to those of us who are savy about such things. Lucky you! (And I think of you every time I see my kitty!)


  8. Congratulations on the condo! Hope to see pictures of the place very soon. I'm so excited for you! Yippee....