Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Turkey Vulture Encounter

Round these parts, you're likely to pass a turkey vulture or two having a yummy roadkill snack.  The other day while driving around aimlessly (actually, I was trying to NOT go to the flea market) I came upon the local Turkey Vulture Dining Society weekly chapter meeting.  I'm not kidding!

Unfortunately, they weren't too glad to see me and as I drove up they scattered up into the trees where they sat bitching to the Chapter President about how rude it was for humans to interrupt their luncheon.

Well!  Far be it for me to disagree with a turkey vulture, but it pretty much looks like lunch was definitely over!
(I believe at one time this was a raccoon, but seriously folks, even for roadkill this is scant).

And since I'm on the subject of birds, here are a few avian-themed recent finds.  An amber hen on nest mini salt.  I love these little ones.

This parrot planter totally looks like something that would've been in my grandmother's home.  I remember that when she'd get mad at her grandchildren for DARING to act like children (you know, giggle and wiggle) in her home, she kinda looked like this.  SQUAWK!!!

Dad made it through surgery with flying colors and although he's in a huge amount of pain he's still retained his sense of humor and is marveling at the sensation of knowing his leg's not there but still "feeling" it at the same time.  He's also on morphine and hallucinating--and that's fun because he KNOWS he's hallucinating so he gives you a blow by blow of WHAT he's hallucinating.  One time he looked at me and said, "Christine, you should see all the sparkly blue bubbles floating around your head.  I know I'm hallucinating them, but they are sooooo pretty!"

Far out, Dad.  You rock.


  1. Have those same buzzards in my area. Not much coon dining going on there, huh? lol...

    Love the birds. Funny comparison to grandma. Chickens ordered through Sears catalog was the only way Mom survived as a kid.

    And thanks for the update on Dad. Ask him if he can talk to Jim Morrison ha ha ha.

    Good mojo still being sent his way and yours!

  2. Clay is TOTALLY into birds of prey, I can't tell you how many times we've swerved on the road because he spotted them gathering on the side of the road. And oh, the Bristol Palin thing makes my head hurt.

  3. aw...bless your dad. I hope he makes a good recovery. You are a good girl for being patient with him and seeing the good in a rotten situation.

    Someday, I am coming shopping with

  4. Im glad your Dad came through it ok, hes in my prayers. I had a planter like that parrot, but it also hung ont he wall like a sconce. It was used to be a focal point int he Lounge, until the wind nocked it down into a MILLION pieces... But its ok! I found one to replace him thats peacock!

  5. You cracked me up with your turkey vulture meeting story! And, what a timely post, considering that just yesterday we had them circling all over our property (they were visible to me when at our kitchen window, among other places) - my husband never did find what in the heck it was they were after!

  6. I'm so glad your dad did well, and is having fun with his hallucinations. Too bad he couldn't share his drugs, eh?

    I had no idea there was such a thing as a turkey vulture. Huh. I guess I'm too much a city girl!!

  7. It is good to laugh and that was a good story with photos!!! So happy to hear your Dad came through surgery OK and I like the blue bubbles around your head also! :) Love the Parrot planter!

  8. I know they are a necessary evil, but I hate those birds. They are a constant around here. I see them flying around all the time. I have a friend that just loves them.

    The coon made me sad. Sunday night while driving home from the in-laws house we came upon a raccoon that had been hit and paralyzed by a car. It was so awful seeing it in distress, and there was nothing we could do. We called the police, who had a car dispatched, but it died before anyone arrived (it seemed like we sat there for ten to fifteen minutes). Hubby drove me home and then went back and moved it to the side of the road. :-(

    I'm glad your dad is doing well.

  9. I think I like your dad! I've been hanging out with lots of old men lately and really enjoy their company!

    The chicken and the parrot are pretty cool too!

  10. I posted here last night? Why are my posts not showing up on sites? It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

    Glad your dad is doing well!!

  11. Yay pops! I bet those bubbles were amazing. Good story! My mom used to collect class chickens and had them displayed on a tall book shelf, about 6 shelves worth. One day there was some candy that had been placed up on top, obviously to keep us kids away from it. Well, I bet you can tell where this is going...

    ...I climbed the shelf just like King Kong and of course right as I reached the prize, the whole damn thing fell over! Down I went with about 30 glass chickens and a bookshelf. Needless to say I was the only thing that survived. Now, sometimes I come across a glass chicken like your salt bowl up there and I think of my mom and how she wanted to KILL ME! I got a whoopin' for sure but she's never let me forget the chickens!

  12. i hate those durn things too. before i was in therapy, i used to go to work counting the buzzards on the side of the road....oh it's going to be 6 buzzard day....maybe i need to turn around and go home?
    therapy helped me be more positive...

  13. Oh those turkeys scare me..and make me long for November....

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing ok Christine!

  14. Glad all is well with your dad! and I think Id love finding the vintage birds around my house more than the vultures :)


  15. We don't have a lot of the buzzards, but the turkey population around here is not depleted. (I am referring to birds!)
    My dad had a similar operation. Did not respond as favorably. Grumpy old men is a real thing.

  16. Turkey vultures are kind of awesome.

    I've always had a soft spot in my heart for vultures in general since seeing the Liverpool accented ones in Jungle Book.