Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Buddhas

I love Buddhas--wise Buddha, happy Buddha, studious Buddha, worshipful Buddha.  All Buddha, all da time.  I found the green glass Buddha in an antique store. 

The pink quartz Buddha also came with a carved wood stand.  He's one of my prizes from the estate of the world traveler so he's probably something she acquired overseas. 

One of these days I'll share my Ganesh collection but it's going to take awhile to round them all up. 

In the meantime, OM, y'all . . .

PS--my latest blog banner is the Easter tableau I have in the living room.  Nearly everything is either from a thrift store or something I've had for years.  The little rabbits with the spun heads in the center were made by my favorite crafty lady, Magpie Ethel.  Here's a closeup of poor Daddy Rabbit who is totally exhausted from watching over his three rambunctious babies AND their chickie friends while Mommy Rabbit is out cruising the flea market.
I think Daddy Rabbit had one too many carrot cocktails trying to deal with all this . . .


  1. Mom had a thing for Buddhas too. I have one that I put with a large lotus leaf platter and a lotus shaped candle holder I got at Thrift shops here and there.

    And love the Vintage Easter stuff! I've been looking for those Easter eggs with the little windows cut out to show a baby chick or whatnot inside. Sweet! I'll have to get my Easter stuff out too. =)

  2. Cute Easter stuff, I was gonna get mine out, but it snowed! Wahhhh. Zootsuitmama

  3. Hiya Christine, thanks for the heads up re: World Market and the sugar Easter eggs! =)

  4. Yep, Daddy Rabbit looks a bit intoxicated! Love the buddahs!!

  5. I haven't pulled out my rabbits yet. I need to "hop" to it, or Easter will come and go without them coming out of the attic!

    Fun Budda's! My neighbor has them all over her yard.

  6. I want what Daddy Rabbit is having!

  7. I want those Buddhas! Simply gorgeous!

    And your Easter tableaux is wonderful!

  8. I'm married to a man like that...rub his little buddha belly all the time, especially when playing the slots!

  9. Oh, I forgot to ask earlier: were you able to watch the video at all?

    It's the first video I've ever uploaded to You Tube, so I might have done it wrong!!!

    Thank you for the lovely comment earlier, too. :)

  10. I have had a few memorable Buddhas, a green one sat on the dashboard of my '63 Dodge Dart 4 door until the day I sold the car, now he resides in the plants in the driveway. Another was a large concrete lawn ornament that my BF gave me for X-mas one year. He sat on the stairs going to my apartment. One day he turned up missing, and I suspect it was my awful neighbors who stole him on the day they moved. Talk about bad Karma! Stealing a Buddha, I hope they get reincarnated as dung beetles!

  11. I didn't know you collect Happy (or Smiling) Buddhas! He's my favorite deities (or whatever the proper term is for him in Chinese folklore). You need to show me your entire collection so I know which one to get for you when I come across them!

    btw, people comment that my dad looks like the smiling Buddha all the time. :-)