Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Knew Where Hazel the Rooster Was All Along, Miz Chicken. And Today's Lesson From God.

At least now with the new harem he doesn't have to get his rocks off like the rest of these sorry critters.

I'm not a cookie jar collector but when I see something in good condition or a seemingly good deal I tend to snap it up.  Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

I paid $2.50 for this cookie jar (it was half off at the Olney Illinois thrift store) and didn't notice until I got it home that the freakin' churn handle finial had been VERY BADLY reattached prior to my ownership.  Yes, it's totally obvious but after I'd entered that store I pretty much lost my ability to see or think straight.   All's not lost, however, since even though it's unmarked it's definitely a McCoy cookie jar so hopefully I'll be able to sell it and make a little profit.  In good condition, they go for about $60.

Cookie jar number 2 has a picture of a handshake and the words Roseville Ohio on the bottom.  There's not a ding or scratch on it and it really looks brand new.  However, it's not--after about an hour of Googling, I finally discovered that it was made by Friendship Pottery in Roseville Ohio who were in business from 1973 until 1999 when their factory burned down.  They also made pottery for Longaberger for a couple years.   Most of Friendship's pottery has the spongeware look that I detest but I like this cookie jar--it's simple and the clown is cute.

OK--now here comes the "if it seems like it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true" story.  I LOVE Westmoreland Glass and own several beautiful pieces of it.  Many people are familiar with their milk glass Paneled Grape pattern and I'm a big fan.  I decided to see what I could find on eBay before we went to Illinois and successfully won a beautiful pair of 4" candlesticks for a very reasonable price.  Then I find what could concievably turn into an incredible deal: a Paneled Grape sugar and creamer PLUS a 12" tall cookie jar.  When I joined the auction the package was at about $55.  They had beautiful photos and great descriptions, identifying everything as Westmoreland Glass (including photos of the "WG" logo on the bottoms and lids), even mentioned and showed the crack in the handle of the creamer.  I was interested in getting the cookie jar, since I'd hauled out my Westmoreland book and, after I realized that it was actually the Cherry pattern and not Paneled Grape, I didn't care since the book value is $200. 

Remember now, I'm reading up on this pattern while the auction is still going on.  So guess what--I won the package for $61 plus s/h for a total of $81.  Then I go on vacation for a week and when I got home I retrieved my boxes from my neighbor, who said they'd arrived the day after we'd left.  I pulled out the heavy cookie jar, admiring the EXCELLENT job of packing (bubble wrap and cotton wrap and yards of cellophane binding) and promptly photographed my beauty.  And it IS beautiful and in PRISTINE condition, considering that this pattern was produced in the 60's.

Then for some reason I decide to read again where my cookie jar is worth $200 and have a little chortle and at that time read the following words (which I had obviously missed the night of the auction):  "The cookie jar has been reproduced in many colors.  Please view the picture of the bottom of the cookie jar on page 35.  Original jars must have a star, a circle in the center and a "WG" in the center of the star.  If any of these three items are missing it is new!"

Well of COURSE I have the reproduction.  It's like God said, "Hey, I let you score on that dinette set but if you get greedy I'll take you dooooowwwwwn, missy."

Thanks God.  Always good to know You're on Your toes making sure I don't get tooooo cocky.

P.S.  I did contact the seller even though by the time I realized my stupidity the 3 day return period they offered in the auction was long gone.  He has not replied to my email and I doubt that he will at this point. 


  1. Hey, regardless of the three day period, if their sale page did not say "reproduction", you can file a charge with paypal or ebay. Item not as described.

    As for God telling you to quit buying for a while after that table, you'd better listen!!

  2. I do hope you pursue this with paypal. Just not right to think it's original...but yes I would be on my toes about thinking I was getting the deal of the day...God is telling you to slow down I think. Still you got some cute items!!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one that get's so excited at potential 'thrift scores' that I overlook the obvious!!

    LOVE your Buddhas 8-)!!

  4. Wish I had a nickel for everything I ever bought in haste and excitement that, once home and upon further examination, I realized it had flaws. If it makes you feel any better, my mom, who was a total cookie jar FREAKAZOID, would have knocked you over and left you bleeding for the churn cookie jar, broken handle and all. She would have apologized, of course.

    As to the milkglass fiasco...file a claim. they guy shoud have stated somewhere that it might have been repor, or at least that he wasn't sure if it was authentic.

  5. awwww damn, I think most of us feel your pain!

    I'm still annoyed at my $100 lamp disaster (lamp sockets hanging from their wiring, not mentioned or shown in auction, shipping too expensive to return), and the seller who wanted 2x the s/h 30 days after I won a fiberglass lampshade.

    Maybe I should neg them both, 2 years later and put it to rest?

    I hope this doesn't keep you from doing business in the future with the honest sellers on eBay. =(

    Neg them, it will make you feel better too. =)

  6. That stinks! Hopefully they had no idea and weren't just trying to rip ya off and you'll be able to get your money back...

  7. You are so funny! I love the peep show! That should be my stationary!

    I'm sorry your milk glass wasn't what you thought it would be, but glad to know I'm not the only one who gets over-excited and stupid at the same time! It's amazing how you can study something for a long period of time, but not see what you're reading.


  8. Whether it's a dime or a dollar or a hundred dollars, a rip-off is a rip-off is a rip-off and you feel cheated. Still, it is a beautiful, utterly beautiful piece. Were it mine, I wouldn't put it in my booth, but keep it. I think you got a pretty piece despite the disappointment of it being misrepresented. BTW, Love the chicken cartoon!!! LOL!!My sis has a huge McCoy collection she is selling a little at a time in our booth. She has a McCoy pig cookie jar in excellent shape, that has been in our family since I was born. That one's a keeper.

    Liz (aka, Ninny)

  9. Thanks for posting this. I thought I was the only one who grabbed things up, only to notice the flaws when I got home. For every five goodies I score, I seem to come home with one great big DOH! I would definitely pursue a claim with that seller ~ totally wrong.

  10. Don't think I've owned a cookie jar ever, even though there are many vintage ones I love. Sorry to hear about the misleading auction you won. That's happened to me once before as well with a supposedly old Star Wars collectible.