Thursday, March 4, 2010

On A Date 1945 - On The Beach 1948

This is just the coolest picture and it looks like it was taken by a professional photographer since this is stamped on the back:

Please Reorder By Number
2 Photos $.35; 6 for $1.00
Guaranteed Photo Service
30 W. Washington St. Room 611
Chicago, 2 Ill.
August 1945
Dad was 19 and Mom was 18 in 1945--she was a freshman, he a sophomore at Lawrence College in Wisconsin, where they met.  Dad was in the Officer Candidate Program which is why he's wearing that uniform--by the time he graduated the war had ended and he was able to get out and became employed by U.S. Pipe, where he remained employed until he retired from that one company over 60 years later.  What a great photo of my parents!

And speaking of great photos, check this one out.  How my father ever convinced Mom to pose like this is beyond me, but then who knows what went on between them in the early years of their relationship.  I'm pretty sure she has her bathing suit on under that towel . . .  You GO, hot mama!


  1. Wow! What great pictures, I like how your mom looks like Ava Gardener in the 2nd picture!

  2. Your mom is so gorgeous! You really look like her, especially in the top photograph. What a handsome couple. Again, you are so lucky to have all your pictures. I have very few unfortunately. My dad passed when I was 8 years old and Mom is still going strong at 83. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These two people are where you get your wild streak should enjoy that! Your parents sounded like they had some fun, even if it didn't last forever!

  4. gosh, people (your parents, especially) seemed so much more beautiful 'back then' and the photos they took had so much more depth and actually meant something.


  5. I think the wind is holding your mom's towel up! Unless it's a nude beach, you're probably right about there being a bathing suit behind it. She sure is pretty!


  6. Is it just me or did absolutly every young person in the 1940'S look like a movie star? How did they all do that?


    Shameless Self Promo alert...