Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mom's Little Garden Of Eden

My mother never met an animal she didn't love, and the feeling was always reciprocated by her animal pals.  Here's Mom with her baby goat, Gracie, on her lap with Violet the dog checking things out.  Mom raised Gracie from the day she was born and that goat was as devoted to my mother as any dog could be. 
Violet looks like she's just about to . . .

. . . give the goat a big smackeroo.  Ahhhh.

When Gracie was little like this, Mom kept her in a baby's playpen in the house but as goats are wont to do, Gracie started pooping all over the place and it was time to let her live outdoors.  At night, she slept in a large dog crate and we soon discovered that she had a bed buddy, the barn cat.

Apparently cats and GOATS living together didn't signal the end of the world . . .  Whew!

"Ghostbusters".  One of the all-time GREAT films. 


  1. awwwww sweet!

    My Mom loved critters too, of all kinds. She passed that on to me, but I try to confine it to pets allowed in suburban areas lol...

    Have cared for all sorts of creatures big and small in the past. =) Including an occasional man or two hee hee...

    Bravo to your Mom!

  2. God, I love baby goats. You are so lucky that you had a barn.

    As for the end of the world signal...well, I think Kate Gosselin has that handled.

  3. Barbara, that was mom's apt that she built IN the barn!

  4. Something about Moms I guess, my mom had a lot of "misfit" animals on the farm. We had a baby goat who was born without back hooves! He would walk around on his front feet lookin' like he was doing handstands. Baby goats are sooooo cute!

  5. You know what's better than baby goats? Neighbors who have baby goats!


    PS Hazel the Rooster is sleeping in a cat box outside the garage. He wakes up at 4 am and thinks everyone should wake up, too. The garage is as far as I can get Hazel from our bedroom without having to run out into the woods at night! If he had the chance, he would peck my eyes out!

  6. No way! Your mom was resourceful as hell - so that's where you get it from??

    Anna: You're right - you can see them but not have the maintenance! Yay neighbors with baby goats!

  7. My mother wasn't an animal person at all, but I was always able to persuade her to let me have pets, everything from cats and dogs, to rabbits and canaries and guinea pigs. Now, I would have died to have a goat! My best friend had goats and we would try to ride them!


  8. Gracie was absolutely precious! Thank you so much for the Bama memories. You are fabulous Gogie...truly fabulous! I love you!

  9. aw, I've never seen a baby goat. You're mama was sweet to care for her :)