Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Finally Got My Clock and Good Stuff From The Flea Market

I've been meaning to show off MY sunburst clock since everyone else has been showing off theirs.  It's a General Electric, model 2502--it's rusty and the plastic face needs to be polished but it RUNS and guess what--I paid $4 for it!  Hubby said he can sandblast the rust and polish the face.  Whenever he gets around to it.  Uh oh.   

Yes, the clock is lying on the floor on top of shag carpet.  The "original-to-the-1970s-house-I-live-in" shag carpet that we hate.  It's so ugly that when the dog poops on it, the shit makes it look BETTER.  I have nothing against shag carpet, believe me, even though it's the worst kind of carpet to have when you've got two dogs, a semi-long hair cat and a husband who is constantly tracking dirt and leaves into the house.  The only reason we haven't pulled it up and replaced it is partially due to aforesaid pooping dog and the rest of the perpetually shedding pets (who technically should have been completely bald long ago) and partially due to our "we'll do it one of these days" mentality.

Now for the flea market.  The first three finds were plucked off a flatbed trailer parked at the very back.  A bit of haggling and these beauties were MINE!

What plant wouldn't be happy to grow in this sunny yellow planter marked TP USA,  although trying to find information on TP USA took a fair amount of sleuthing, but Google finally came through.  TP stands for TEPECO of Trenton, NJ.  In the early days, Trenton NJ was a hotbed of pottery production but was ultimately pushed out of contention by a combination of union politics (who woulda thought? Union politics in New Joisy?!) and competition from upstart Ohio companies.  Here's a link to a short timeline where TEPECO is mentioned at the bottom.  (Crane, the company that bought TEPECO, is still in business--making toilets, not art pottery).

This donkey cart planter is large and Made In Japan.  I love the butterfly perched on the donkey's nose!

All I need to make this an incredible accent lamp is a bulb and wire--the metal holder has a strip with a hole to hold the bulb in place.  There is also a piece of translucent green plastic that goes around the inside of the holder.  I think it will look awesome next to those chalkware bookends!

Not all my treasures came off the flatbed trailer.  This darling little Shawnee planter came from an awesome vendor named Joanne, a very cool lady wearing a squashy cowgirl hat, tight jeans and a looooooow cut tank.  What a hoot!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. Those are GREAT stuffs. I love that donkey cart the best, how can you not smile when you look at that?

  2. I super love the Donkey and the lil' Chinaman. Have you ever seen The Big Lebowski? "I'm not sure Chinaman in the right nomenclature Dude." -Walter (aka John Goodman)

  3. Great finds! I love every single thing.

  4. What great finds! That lamp is making me green with envy!

  5. Love those vintage planters. You got some really good one's.

  6. I love that clock! I hated the one my parents had when I was little, but I sure would love to have it now! And I feel your carpet-hating pain. There was pink carpeting in our house when we moved in, and it took me 10 years to talk my husband into pulling it up and revealing the lovely wood floor underneath. And I hated the color pink that whole time too. Now I love it! Just not for carpeting!

  7. ooohh..look at that clock!

    Mine needs a few repairs as well. I didn't know you could polish the plasic, I'm psyched about that,mine is all sorts of scuffed!

  8. Oh, beans! I've drooled on the computer keys! I always do that when I read blogs that feature treasures from long ago. You got yourself some good stuff, girl!


  9. Planters! Is there anything better? How many do you have to have before there are too many? I haven't reached that point yet!

  10. Oh, I see Howdy Doody now! Thanks, he's adorable! BTW, my sister is named Christine and we both love vintage. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  11. Love the clock! Everyone needs some kind of starburst clock, condition matters not lol.

    Vintage planters. Love them. They are easy to find, have every subject you can imagine, come in all colors and are, best of all, inexpensive!

  12. Never knew what the 'TP' stood for... thanks for saving me the research time... (am I Lazy or what?!!)

  13. Sweet clock!! Jealous I am!!

    Ya'll have too much time on your hands and can out shop me. No fair!!