Monday, March 8, 2010

50's Boys' Fiction

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet!

A young lad by the name of Frankie Thomas played Tom Corbett, a teenage rocket jockey.  Except that when the series started in 1951, Frankie Thomas was 30 years old.  Ah, the Golden Age of Television, when 30 year olds would play teenagers, horses could talk, and no, we really didn't see Edgar Bergen's lips flap around like nobody's business when Mortimer Snerd was yuk yukking away.

I'm the proud owner of a complete first edition set of the Tom Corbett books.  And stop drooling over the awesome 1950s bookends.

The books belonged to my first husband, so I'm fairly certain he had them since he was a kid.  Now they're MINE, mwah ha ha!!!

I love vintage bookends, and although the deer bookends on the right are pretty darn cute, these are just awesome. 

Happy Monday, y'all.  Tomorrow I'll be sharing some of my great weekend vintage finds.


  1. My dad is a HUGE Tom Corbett fan. I have given him many a rocket themed gift. The bookends are super freekin' sweet. I have a TV lamp that is similar but missing the lil' dude. Are they chalk ware?

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  2. Me likee bookends.
    (Yeah, I know, not PC).

  3. Very cool that you have that great set of books! And I LOVE your bookends!

  4. Cool old books and a challenge from Amber!

    First, the books...Never heard of that series, but love boy books (except for the Hardy Boys). Now, what exactly is a Rocket Jockey? Sounds a little dirty!

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    I was happy, not quite ecstatic, just extedic.

  5. Nice. I started my collection of Fire King Philbe cookware from some that I got from my ex-mother-in- law and forgot to give back.

  6. We may have one or two of the books floating around somewhere! My dad and his brother Were BIG into Hardy Boys and "The Boy Land Boomer" series. (the books I ahve from the Land Boomer series are dated like 1913, and 1918, 1919!

  7. I used to have similar bookends and one day, I caught my husband using them for target practice. I would have reported him except there is all that red tape and stuff. You know how it is.

  8. I don't remember Tom Corbett, but Howdy Doody was on my radar for cute guys back then! Nice books, and cute, cute, cute bookends!


  9. Love them! The books and the bookends!

    Mom loved old books too, and she has a lot with amazing dust jacket and cover graphics.

    She also has this small collection of small books... In fact, I think I'll make a post about that. =)

  10. Those bookends are marvelous!