Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Cowgirl Christine

I think I've mentioned that I used to show horses.  Here's me, circa 1966 at age 16, with a handful of ribbons.  It was always a good day when you beat the pants off other kids.  That's my trusty steed, Red.  He was probably about 18 when this photo was taken.  I loved him dearly.
Notice the dark brown "rough-out" chaps.  And that's pronounced SHAPS in the real Western world, not CHAPS, even though that's how it's spelled.  Chaps are jolly good fellows.  Your lips get chapped.  You might even get "chapped off" occasionally.  But as for what cowboys and some exotic dancers and not a few gay men wear (the last two, sans anything else)--it's shaps.  Just thought I'd clear that up once and for all.  Being made out of leather, they are not the least bit comfortable in the California summer heat.  Unfortunately, they were part of the outfit you wore if you showed Western. 

Here's a trophy we won at a fairly large show in Hayward, CA.  We weren't usually top in our class due to Red's questionable pedigree (we think he was part Quarter Horse, part Standardbred, and part mule-headed) and my lack of silver covering every square inch of my saddle.  Also, Red had a jog that would knock your pelvis clear up to your eyeballs if you landed the wrong way and if they asked for a "fast jog" sometimes I just wasn't able to keep the pain from showing.  Bump bump bump bumpity BUMP! 

Now, this is one cool cowgirl hat.  I won it in a raffle last year (along with a pair of custom-made boots that I never received, but that's another story).  Since I'm so smart and my brain is so big, the hat is just a tiny bit too small but one of these days I'll get around to having it stretched to fit my big head.  And then I'll just amble on over to the thrift store, walk in, and say, "Howdy y'all!  Whatcha got back in there that ya ain't priced up to the strat-o-sphere, ya no-good dirty greedy varmints?!"
Hee hee.

In keeping with my new horsey theme, I wanted to show you two recent equine-ish acquisitions.
An awesome TV lamp, and it works, too!

Next is something I've wanted ever since I was a kid and saw one in my friend Freddy's bedroom.  Not sure if this works and I'm not about to check--the cloth cord is frayed and the wires are wrapped in electrical tape.  I'll let my big strong brave handsome husband tackle this one.   These were considered virtual "junk" back in the day (you won them at carnival games--you know, the kind run by ax murderers and rapists--at least that's what my mother told us).  Well, tacky is as tacky does, and now they're highly collectible.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love it!!

    Back when I was drawing full time I did several "cowboy" themed drawings. Won a ribbon or twenty for those lol..

    Your photos make me wish I still had my horses... And a few hot stable hands to do the grunt work for me ha ha ha...

  2. You've lived a thousand lives, haven't you?

    I'm terrified of horses...I was tossed from one when I was 13 and I have had no use for them since. Magnificent creatures as long as they are away from me.

    Love the figurines...I'll keep my eye out for horsie stuff for you!

  3. This brought back some good time memories!

    I rode for a few years and I don't think I've ever fell in love faster than I did with my Quarter Horse. He let me ride him western and english and I adored him!!!

    I loved everything about it. Now I am too chicken to ride because of the whole "might break my neck" thing but if only.....

  4. The horse clock reminds me of Col. Potter's Office from M*A*S*H remember how he loved his horse? I'm pretty sure he had one of those clocks in his office!

  5. The horse lamp and clock are FABULOUS!!!!!

  6. Do you ever meet Mike at the door wearing your chaps and cowgirl hat and nothing else? Maybe you could hold that clock you want him to rewire!