Monday, February 22, 2010

Sascha Brastoff

A few months ago I went to the second day of a two-day estate sale that was featuring mostly Heisey glass.  I posted about my wild time there--the sales crew laughing at me, finding a lidded dish that's pink AND phallic-looking--but I didn't mention the little ashtray I also purchased.  I noticed it and passed it by several times until the guy running the sale, who appeared to be quite knowledgeable about the things he was selling, pointed to the ashtray and said, "Aren't you going to get the Brastoff piece?  You know it's mid-century."

Sa-WHOOP went my hands and it was added to the pile.  It really doesn't even look used and I'm thinking it was given to the woman as a gift or something.  The motif is referred to as "Houses" although that's not official.  Here's a link if you'd like to learn more about this very interesting man.  

Since we're on the subject of ashtrays, I also thought I'd share this one that I got in a "lot" at the Florida auction.  It's similar to a '70's McCoy line but I'm not sure about the shape being McCoy.  In any event, I think it's pretty groovy.  There are some gold flecks under the glaze and that's what's sparkling in the darker areas.

I was never a big smoker and really only did it when I drank.  Then I met my hubby-to-be and he informed me that kissing someone who smoked was like licking a used ashtray.  You know, when you put it like that, suffice it to say that I stopped smoking back there in 1988 and haven't missed it one bit.  I'm amassing a pretty nifty collection of vintage ashtrays and other tobacciana, though. 


  1. It seems so odd to see ashtrays nowadays, doesn't it?! I think they're becoming extinct, which makes them even more groovy ;)

    Kudos to you for quitting smoking!

  2. Good find you have!

    Haha, have seen the name Sascha Brastoff for several years now, and I thought it was a woman designer. Oops. Dork that I am lol.....

    You can pick up the best atomic boomerang ashtrays all over the place. I love the one's on metal floor stands that have a place for a couple of drinks too.

    They can be filled with anything, come in all sorts of cool designs and can be bought for almost nothing.

    That's my kind of vintage!

  3. I have a few vintage ashtrays. I love the design and colors of them. I never smoked but my parents did and I have a few of their old ashtrays also.

  4. I quit smoking in 1992. If they ever come out with healthy cigerettes, I'm starting back immediately! I loved smoking! However, the ashtrays around today are boring, yucky, utilitarian! Why shouldn't a nasty habit be an excuse to collect artsy ashtrays?

  5. My sister laughed when she saw my collection of ashtrays "...but you don't even smoke!?" I'd kick someone's butt if they tried putting a butt in my gorgeous ashtray. I love both of the ones you posted but I especially love the first one. I have never seen one like that. And where pray tell does one find a boomerang ashtray on a stand with a place for a couple of drinks? I want one but I sure don't see them in this neck of the woods.

  6. Finally playing catch-up in blog-land!! Brastoff worked for Haeger for a while too!! Nice grab on that ashtray 8-)