Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Giveaway! Winners to be Chosen Tonight By . . .

(if you're a diabetic, do NOT click to enlarge!)

Shocking but true!  If I didn't know better, I'd say Poonie was behind this nefariousness, but of course he's in Kitty Hell having one heck of a time.  Could it be that BooBoo Kitty has chosen to walk down Poonie's evil path?

Ha ha.  Actually, I just thought it would be more fun to write everyone's name on a slip of paper, roll each slip into a ball and throw them all at the cat.  Then he'll start batting them around and at that point, we'll figure something out.  Of course, a couple glasses of wine for me will enhance the festivities.


Stay tuned for more fabulous giveaways. 


  1. Haha Oh Christine you crack me up!

  2. A video of that could be YouTube hit! LOL....

  3. I just signed up for your giveaway. Was I too late? I whined really good! Ahh well, I like your idea of how you're going to pick the winner. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that one!

  4. FUNNY! Hope I don't turn up as a hairball....

  5. BooBoo...Pick me! Pick me! I'll send you catnip!

  6. Suh-weet! That didn't need to be said though, right? Congrats to the winner!

  7. Cute cute cute!!!

    Love the cat clock. Does this enter me??

  8. CATNIP for EVERYONE! (with a little wine ... of course!!) 8-)!!

    ha, ha - my verification word was MINTr

  9. Ha ha ha... BooBoo Kitty. I used to have a BooBoo kitty, so charming! Love your prior post with your family treasures.

    Hey that seller on my blog? The one with the velvet cone, little blank books, romance photos and lip balm tin? her eBay ID is "fancylinda". She mostly sells beads and such, but she added these adorable tiny parchment roses that I have my eye on.

    Good luck with the giveaway! I have to decide what Valentine's gifts to pack up here soon myself =).

    Have a wonderful day, I'm spying on your blog!