Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silver Sunday - Napkin Rings

It's barely still Sunday but I wanted to get this post up--I just spent the last hour spending some of my husband's hard-earned money at an on-line estate auction and realized I hadn't done the "Silver Sunday" thang.

I just found these little napkin rings that I had NO idea existed--they were in a bag with some of Mom's sterling silverware.  Oddly, there's one with my name in beautiful script and  identifying marks RLB (Rogers Lunt Bowlen, which became Lunt Silversmiths in the mid-50's) STERLING 454.  It's a bit smaller than the other three, all marked GORHAM STERLING, and one has Mom's initials.  They are so pretty!

In googling around to see what the RLB stood for, I discovered that similar napkin rings are selling for between $30 and $40, even with someone's initials or names. 

If I start sharing my ginormous silverplate collection, Silver Sunday will be extended way into next year!


  1. I think your napkins rings are awesome! How fun to find them and one with your name on it!! They are lovely and I love initials on silver, just makes it so personal. Can't wait to see more of your treasures!

  2. Those are cool!

    And in answer to your question.....Goodwill is open seven days a week here. And also we have the outlet stores which sell by the lb. I don't know if those are nationwide or not. Of course in those you have to be willing to dig through bins and fight other people. It's not always worth it. lol

  3. Those are beautiful! I have taken all of my silver plate stuff and turned them into bird feeders and bird baths!

    I do have a thing for old silverware!


  4. These are just beautiful! Wow, thats amazing that they just turned up like that :)

    I'd like the find something like that in a bag :)


  5. Those are lovely! I love napkin rings.

    I know that's a strange thing to say but I do! There, I said it. :)

  6. How pretty! We love silver over here too....get as much as we can about these on-line estate auctions - mmmm....I think that is something we need to check out :)
    Found you from over at Two Dog Pond...glad we did - we've enjoyed your blog & are still laughing about your grandmother making the worst german chocolate cake...yikes! That IS a shame!!
    Have a lovely, vintage-y week!
    Karla & Karrie

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I also like the clock you have on your page, it brings back fond memories of my childhood.