Saturday, January 9, 2010

We'uns Gone Do A Meet-Up In Alabam! En YORE Invahted, So C'mon Down, Y'all!

Every once in awhile we start really making friends with our blog buddies and get it in our heads that, hey, wouldn't it be great to actually MEET some of them?  Well, my blog buddy Anna of "Chickens In The Basement" and I have decided to do just that.  We're having a meet-up (click on the word "meet-up" to link to Anna's blog with more info) in Birmingham, Alabama and you just might want to consider joining us.  We're mainly going to hit as many thrifts stores and flea markets as we can, but there are also OTHER reasons to visit Bee-ham.  Here's one, just an hour north.  I've been to the Ave Maria Grotto and it is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited.

PLUS--you'll get to meet Lowly Trooper Sally!  Other one-of-a-kind places of interest are the Civil Rights Museum, The Birmingham Museum of Art with one of the world's best Wedgwood collections, the mountaintop statue of Vulcan, and lots more.  I lived in Birmingham for a few years off and on (the rest of my family has been there since 1968).  And if none of these places sound the least interesting to you, there are TONS of restaurants and bars and millions of shopping opportunities.

The fact that Anna and I will be in the same place for three days should be incentive enough to come, but that's just me talking . . .

Don't worry--if you're unable to make it, we'll be taking lots of completely embarrassing photos and will post ALL of them.  Just kidding, heh heh heh.


  1. Sounds Like So Much FUN!! I think I will try to be there!

  2. Sounds like fun! Maybe you'uns Can drop by the Casablanca this summer in June?! More on this later!

  3. And here I am on the west coast...dangit all anyway.

  4. Seriously, us West Coasters are missing out on all the fun and goodies. Wish I could join you!! Sacramento has so few nice things!

  5. Southeast this year, northwest in 2011. I think this should be an annual event. If it goes over well, it could be a bi-annual event. Better yet, monthly! We'll go through all 50 states and all of the unincorporated territories of the US. I can't wait!


  6. Sounds like great fun!

    I have yet to meet any of my blogging friends, but have met a few online friends from other venues.

  7. I would love to, but it's just too far away! Have some fun for me, would you?