Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Lampy Love (SERIOUS Lampy Love) Plus More Great Finds

Oh, the luck of finding this wonderful little lamp!  It also came with a vintage fiberglass shade that I blithely thought I could fix but have found out otherwise, which is why I so appreciate Michael of the Cul-de-Sac Shack blog for helping me find a replacement.  There are little white spots all over this that look like paint spray but that may have been intentional at the factory.  Isn't she just the sweetest lil ole thang?  I got a great deal on the lamp and the Fenton cat below at a favorite thrift shop with a new owner in Louisiana.

This darling Fenton glass cat has a sticker showing it was created during Fenton's 95th year (1905-2000).  She's a beautiful milky white opaque with gorgeous handpainted (signed by the artist) flowers and leaves. 

The rest of the items were found at the estate sale I went to after visiting with Mike at the dock.  You do NOT find deals at sales run by this company and I keep saying I'm going to ignore their mailers but then I go and I DO find a few things.  They're just not cheap.  So I was surprised to find this reasonably ($10) priced bowl still sitting on the kitchen counter since by the time I arrived I knew the estate sale locusts had already swept through.  It's huge!  On the bottom, there's a "P" inside a shield, which translates to Pfaltzgraff mid-century.  Yay!  I've never really cared for Pfaltzgraff since it's a bit clunky but upon doing some research I discovered that the company has been around for nearly 200 years, it's still in operation in Pennsylvania, and it has a very active collector community. 

This coffee pot is marked Gourmet Himark Kitchen Made In Italy.  I like its lines and it will be used for display in the kitchen.  It could also be used as a pretty effective weapon as it's fairly hefty!

OK--what is it about these dolls?  Did everyone's grandma collect them???  Every time I go to an estate sale, especially the ones in the musty-smelling old lady houses, I find at least one Tilso musician doll.  These are marked "Golden Fantasy" and were made in Hong Kong and are in great condition.

Last but not least, the Prince Albert tobacco can.  So many times while I was growing up Mom would tell us stories of growing up in Wausau, Wisconsin (when she got Alzheimer's, that ALL she talked about). Once they got a telephone it was all the rage for kids to call the local store and ask that classic question: "Do you have Prince Albert in the can?"  If the person who answered the phone was an agreeable sort, they'd say, "Why yes, we certainly do!" and the underage caller would shout, "Well let him out, HE'S SUFFOCATING!" and bang down the receiver.

Such were the hi-jinks of the pre-television generation. 


  1. I love those espresso pots! There's something so classic about the design!

    My gran used to collect marble eggs and teaspoons.

    That's a beautiful can of Prince Albert! (Now *there's* a sentence I never thought I'd hear myself say!)

  2. Nice score Christine. I remember my mom telling the Prince Albert in a can story as well. I love the little Fenton glass kitty. Such a sweet little face.

  3. Hello, my new friend!
    Thank you for your encouraging words!.
    Mom is better and we are movin' on!
    Time for mischief!

  4. I've been out rummaging, too. I can't believe the thrill I get from such small things!

    As for Prince Albert, my favorite radio station was talking about that phone gag recently. One of the young guys on the station got hysterical and they couldn't explain. I knew it had to be something sexual, so I e-mailed Weird Creepy John (that's what they call him on G-105). He e-mailed me back. Apparently, Prince Albert is what those young people call a penis peircing. I just call that dumb and painful! And I'm not even a man! But, I do sound like an old lady, don't I?

  5. Amazingly, I forgot about that. Considering that my own husband has a "Prince Albert", how could I?

  6. Hi - I LOVE your deer lamp! I have the very same one in chartreuse. Great minds think alike, and all that? And like the same things!?
    (I also have a sister named Cristine.)

  7. i have the same coffee pot...pulled it out to make espresso this morning, and the rubber gasket broke...:(..haven't tried to use it, but i am tempted...what do you think?