Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby Me

I came across the photo album Mom started for me, her first and most beautiful child, after I was born.  It goes until I was 8 months old and then stops.  Lots of blank black pages, so I must assume that the family camera must have broken since Sally didn't come along until I was 24 months old . . . Or maybe the thousands of photographs that MUST have been taken of me during the next 16 months are sitting in Dad's attic.  Right? 

Here is the cute little announcement card letting everyone know Marian and George had spawned. 

The inside of the card showed that my middle name is Mary, I weighed 9 lbs. 13-1/3 oz. at birth and that I was considerate enough to arrive at 11:08 a.m. 

Three generations--me wrapped in a blanket being held by my beautiful mother in an awesome swing jacket and a pretty cute haircut, and behind her:  the Dragon Lady.  Her mother, Nettie.  Since this was 1950 that hat would have been the epitome of style in small-town mid-America.  Nettie was an English teacher for many years and in the 70's started teaching English as a second language to the hordes of Hmongs who for some crazy reason picked her small town in Wisconsin to flee to from persecution in southeast Asia.  She HATED the Hmongs but she was sure as shootin' going to make sure they spoke proper English!

Nettie died several years ago and Mom left us this past January.  And so it goes . . .


  1. Sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. Losing parents is a very difficult thing. That is a very sweet photo of the three of you. The announcement is adorable. You are lucky to still have it.

  2. I'm so,so sorry for your loss.
    I just love looking at all of your old photos, they're great!

  3. Very sweet! I love old family photos and ephemera! Looking at the photo of your parents in your sidebar, they were a very attractive couple!

    Now, why is Nana called the Dragon Lady?

  4. Yes.
    And so it goes...

    Love your surfer blog!