Saturday, October 17, 2009

Four Little Girls, Christmas 1959

Every Christmas when we lived in southern California, we'd pile into the station wagon and drive over to visit family friends the Sharps.  They were big on having an elegant to-the-ceiling flocked tree and Mrs. Sharp would always have out a two-tiered comport with those incredibly delicious "Turtles".  We're all smiling, but the fact of the matter is that Susie happened to be their godchild and unbelievably, they'd presented her with that doll AND a baby buggy without giving us a freakin' thing! 

The main reason we're smiling is that we had already received the standard lecture from our parents: Behave yourself or the wrath of God will descend on you (well, not that bad but when you're a kid, it seems like it).  Believe me, when we got a spanking for misbehaving, we damn well got a spanking!

Of course, that was back when parents could spank their children and not get in trouble with the law and Children's Services.  To tell you the truth, if more little kids got spankings these days (and I'm talking about a couple good hard whacks with the palm of your hand), they might not be so inclined to beat people to death by the time they got to high school.

I'm just saying.

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