Friday, June 2, 2017

A Feeble Attempt At Yet Another Blog Comeback

Don't freak out!  It's my homage to this year's International Tiara Day since I wasn't about to put that thing on MY head and parade around town looking like a crazy old lady.  

I think I'm getting over Facebook--mainly due to me posting a great deal and no one acknowledging my posts.  The problem is that there is SO MUCH TRAFFIC on Facebook and unless someone is actively following your page it's just too difficult to set aside time to visit.  I have left than 100 "friends" by design since I don't friend someone unless I have something in common with them and the first thing I have to have in common is politics.  I do have a few friends that are on the other side of the fence but we sort of have an agreement that I won't comment on YOUR political posts and you stay away from MINE.  Yes, I have no problem singing to the choir and I have absolutely no desire to get into infantile arguments that usually end with the combatants calling each other idiots and blocking each other. 

I realize that there's just as much traffic here in Blogland but it's easier to visit those blogs that you're interested in.  

So anyway, here goes try #4.  And sharing some lovely Blenko glass.


  1. YAY!!! I try to follow your posts on FB, but you are right the traffic on there is high and I miss many things. Not just from you either. Love the Blenko glass!! See I'm commenting!

  2. Blenko glass....I ALWAYS learn something new from you, Chris.
    Hope you stick around. I don't post like I used to every day. Now I am a 'long weekend' blogger and I occasionally put up a few things from the shop.
    Welcome back for however long you choose to stick around.

  3. I read or look at most of what you post, but don't always comment (or react). That may be the case with others. As you said, there's so much traffic on FB, it's also difficult to respond to everything (especially for those of us that have 8 hours of non-access every day).
    Keep posting, your friends are out here and your posts get read. ❤❤

  4. Welcome back Christine! I miss our old circle of bloggers. I'm getting a little sick of reading about perfect homes with perfect young moms doing the perfect diy projects. Give me some old some Blenko any old day...and as far as political ranting goes, all I can say is God help us all.