Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Lamp! The Chair!

Just got the chair--you all know what it is. The lamp is just tooooo fab.

The "buying back our childhood" continues. I'm pretty sure my parents never had a lamp like this one, though--they were all into Colonial in the 60's and before that it was hand-me-downs from their parents and my grandparents were assuredly not pink splatter lamp kinds of people.

As for the chair, I'm pretty sure nearly every kitchen had one back then. You use it as a stepstool and then when you get tired you sit down on it to rest. And then your husband comes home from work, demands to know what's for dinner and says, "Oh and hon, fix me a bourbon and water while you're in there" and you seriously consider using the chair for another, darker purpose.

Maybe not ALL moms thought about it, but I know MINE sure did!


  1. Oh my! LOVE them both!
    I just 'opened' up my little section in a Co-op Market set up like an antique mall....but way smaller. I call my section 'Mid-Century Maniac'. I know you understand that! Starting to get through all the stuff in the basement! It's like a department store down there!! 20 years of collecting for this time in my life to sell it all!! Wish me luck. I really do understand your passiopn for all this Chris!

  2. Nothing like a good Cosco stool! Being vertically challenged I use my green one all the time.

  3. I sold my red one last year (stool) and hope to find another this summer. Part of my cleaning out! Now I miss it! Love the lamp, they are getting so hard to find now. My parents changed from the blond furniture and cool double ringed shades to the "Early American look" too in 1961 when we moved into our house. Wah! I wish I had it all now!

  4. *EEP* Both are fabulous but I am totally in love with the chair! ooohhhh it's a beauty!

  5. I have that lamp (I think). The photo is a little small, but I have a lamp that has a pink body with gold marbling on top of a hollow, black metal base. I don't have the shade, but 20 years ago I reworked a cone-shaped shade so that it would fit up-side down, so that the lamp has a martini glass shape. I have to get it out of storage, and use it now that my living situation has changed.