Friday, March 15, 2013

More Giveaway Stuff

Like I said, I'm going to keep adding to the pile until, well, until. This is a lovely Westmoreland milk glass Beaded Edge trinket box. I collected them for awhile (and am keeping the Roses & Bows one) but now it's time to let someone else enjoy them. Don't worry, I'm keeping track of who has tossed their chapeau into the ring, but if you haven't yet, you might want to try for a chance at this little cutie plus the other goodies!


  1. You're killin' me with all the lovely goodies! My grandma collected those as well. Lovely stuff!

  2. Yo, woman. You have my address. Just sayin'.

  3. This is just so sweet! I know my chapeau's in the ring but toss it again please!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. And another gorgeous trinket. Thank you very much for all these goodies.

  5. beautiful!!
    my mother had a little milk glass chicken on an egg trinket box..with the same "baedwork" around it!! i haven't seen this type of milk glass in a long time!
    brought back a lovely memory of my Mom!!!
    have a lovely week!