Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vintage Camping

Roughing it old skool.

Not only are the campers cool but I'm loving all the cars, too.

I wish I could say this was MY family back in the day, but there would've been four little girls in the photo.  And that is ASSUREDLY not my father--he was far larger.  Could have been Mom, though, although not with that headscarf thingie.  Did ANYONE ever look anything but dorky in those? 

Every time I see a vintage camper falling apart in someone's back pasture or driveway I want to run up to the owner's door and offer them cash money for it.  Offering cash money is how the guys on "Market Warriors" get such good deals.  That, and Miller flashing her thighs like she did last night when she plopped herself down in the mid-century kiddy chair.    Anyway, then I have this insane idea that I'll bring it home and my husband will say, "But of course I will renovate the camper, honey.  What are husbands for if not to do whatever their wives wish?!"

Ha ha.


  1. I wish I hadn't sold mine, but I WILL have another someday!

  2. My dear friend, we can dream can't we!!!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Those campers are soooo nice and wish one day that I will find one! And yes I wish I have the nerve to go up to someones door and knock on it and ask if they are willing to sell, even if I see an old barn on their property, be like "american pickers". But I am just afraid of someone getting nasty with me for knocking on their door! =/ Maybe someday I will get nerve to do it!

  4. Omg what I would not give to have that top white and red combo! IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!

  5. This made me think of an 'I Love Lucy' episode where she and Ricky hit the road in one of these!!
    I know what you mean about husbands!! lol
    Hey Christine, maybe one of these days he'll surprise you!!