Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flea Market Break Over

I've been spending so much time on eBay trying to find costume jewelry that I'd stopped going to flea markets and thrift stores since they never have much good AND inexpensive stuff anymore (except for a couple but I think their prices have gone up a little since I've started being a regular customer.  I hate that).

Some of you may remember this lampshade--it's been on one of my TV lamps/planters but then I found this sweet little amberina hobnail lamp the other day and of course it had no lampshade.  This one fit perfectly!  The planter is so cute--a young lady dressed up for her prom.  And of course that's my favorite Mom and Dad "when they were young and in love" photo.

My new header shows what I got recently at one of my favorite funky fleas.  It's in this HUGE building with only four walls--all the booths are separated by what's being displayed and there's quite a bit of empty floor space but it's one of those places where if you get down on your hands and knees and are brave enough to stick your hand towards the back of a shelf you JUST MIGHT FIND vintage salt & pepper shakers.  Which  I swore I was going to stop collecting but when you find something like these you just have to get them.  Plus they were super cheap.

My best find: white molded glass G.E. electric iceboxes that were part of a set that included a refrigerator-form sugar container.  1930's.  Listed in reference book: shakers only, $50+.  Yay!  The tops aren't the same ones as in the book but actually, mine are more true to form for this kind of real refrigerator.

Siamese cat shakers marked Japan.  My mother raised Siamese for years back in the 60's so whenever I see anything Siamese-y I get all nostalgic for all those darling little appleheads that my father hated so much.  Sorry Georgie Fan Club alumni, but he was NOT a cat person!

The metal globe isn't a salt or pepper--it's an Ohio Art World Atlas bank.  My globe collection is growing by leaps and bounds!  Well, not really--I only had one table-sized globe from the 80's.  But I also found these plastic globe S&P's so now I DO have a collection!

See that little girl planter in the back?  There was something imprinted on the bottom but VERY hard to make out, so after squinting and turning and twisting it a million times I was able to make out:
DeLee Art
c. 44

Googled DeLee Art and found out that Jimmy Lee made these planters, and many others, for his DeLee company from 1937-1958.  My planter is part of the "Nina" series but there were several other girl lines.  One of the identifying clues for these planters, since some of them weren't marked or just had a sticker, were the girls' long eyelashes.  Check them out on eBay and Etsy--some are selling for high dollars!

I think I love researching this stuff just as much as I enjoy finding it!

Here's what my husband likes to call the "the cat, the dogs, and me" photo (the great bulk of my photographs are of these three subjects).  The big dog, Boogie, was laying just outside the frame in a beam of sunshine.  Boo and Holly have an ongoing battle as to who's going to get closest to Mike but they seem to have worked it out this time.

I'm really going to try (oh geez, stop saying that!) to do more blogging this year.  Now that the world didn't end last month I feel much more secure about life in general.
Ha ha ha.  Right.  I just had my long-overdue mammogram yesterday and I'll be in complete panic mode for the next few days.  And don't get me started on that colonoscopy that I've been putting off for the last 13 years . . .


  1. Chris it is good to see you back at the blog! I love those s&p's and I am trying my best not to buy so many. I have got to downsize stuff that I'm not over the moon about... unfortunately that isn't much. Its hard to love vintage sometimes! I love the cat and dog on your hubby!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Good to see again Christine! You always manage to get me excited and enthused about all this vintage stuff!! I love your excitement! Those refrigerator s/p's are great and that lamp shade is the BEST! Good that you got a base to match!
    Welcome back.

  3. I like the Globes the best. But we are fellow black cat owners so that's pretty special too. Hope to see you blogging more now that the Mayans were made to look like big ol' fools.

  4. The photo with the pets is just too precious!

  5. I love that new lamp of yours, it's so sweet and the shade looks great on it.
    Ice box S&P's are so cool and I love that girl planter with the long eyelashes. She's a beauty!!!

  6. Love that shade! and the hubby/doggy pix. I got your Christmas card...that was so sweet! If you do get to come this way PLEASE do let me know!!

  7. Love your things as always. Glad to see you blogging. I don't have a damn thing to say on mine.

    What is it with eBay prices these days? Everything starting at $30-$50 for the small stuff! I haven't been buying much even though I still do a lot of searching. Getting too expensive and I have almost everything I need.

    Got the holidays out of the way, thank you so much for the lovely card! Going to paint the kitchen next. Not sure if I'll blog about it. That's boring stuff. .