Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trying My Best To Use This Blogger App

So when you do this on the Blogger app on your iphone you:
1. Fight with Autocorrect;
2. Have no say in where your photos are placed;
3. Wonder why you're not doing this on an actual computer until you remember that your computer has ANOTHER virus;
4. Go thru all this hassle because you need to share all your STUFF!!!

I went to Texas last weekend for the 1958 Casablanca Thanksmass Extravaganza and got to meet Mick, Michael (Cul de Sac Shack) and Patricia. And 50,000,000 of Mick's friends. Since most of them are in the Wichita Falls little theatre, when we sang Christmas carols it was like listening to an abbreviated version of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

The second photo is of a little tree that Mom made years ago, including all the little knitted ornaments. On display at the shop, NOT for sale.

If anyone can tell me how to insert photos in the body of a post using this app, please do.


  1. you are obviously a woman after my own heart....sometimes I want to smash the screen.

  2. They sure could sing, couldn't they? It was so great to meet you!

  3. You can't be old if you continue to learn new things. I'd rather swallow my phone than blog on it, but I LOVE reading blogs on it.

  4. I know you had a great time! My cousin use to live in Wichita Falls and was into music, I have to ask her if she knows Mick! OK so maybe I don't want a new phone.

    hugs, Linda