Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ready Or Not, Casablanca, Here We Come!

I am sooooo excited to be traveling to Texas late next month with husband and HollyDog to finally meet one of my best blog buddies, Mick.  I've been threatening to go there for awhile and now I ACTUALLY HAVE HOTEL RESERVATIONS so obviously that means I'm really going, right?

Ha ha.  The last time I promised to attend a Casablanca festivity the bank decided to close on our condo in Florida the day before.  Considering how things turned out with THAT, we should've told the bank to stuff it up their patooties and gone to Lake Placid, er, Lake Woebegone, er, Lake George Bush, er, WHATEVER!

I was going to make Mick all jealous with my newest Pyrex find so I posted this on Facebook and all he did was tell me I'd be eating ChexMix out of HIS bowl at the par-tay. 

Wouldn't it be great if lots and lots of my blog buddies could meet up there?  Well, those few blog buddies I have left after I've been majorly remiss about blogging.  Hopefully I'll rev up the engines of creativity in 2013 since there's still lots of stuff to share and family history to record.

You may have noticed my new blog banner, which is my very own kitchen.  I LOVE IT!

The Slidell Antiques Association Street Fair is this weekend in Old Towne, Slidell and my jewelry will be prominently displayed in a booth smack in front of the store I'm in, Antiques & Art on First (1952 First Street, Slidell, LA).  Lowly Trooper Sally is traveling all the way from Birmingham, AL to assist me, thank goodness.  The weather is supposed to be in the mid-70's, which is freezing for some people down here, but as far as I'm concerned, it's PERFECT, so let's keep our fingers crossed that we have great crowds who plan on spending massive quantities of dinero!!!!


  1. Oh I would love to meet you and Mick but alas I'm not here with my own car and hesitant to leave my Mom yet. When are you meeting up??? Where is Mick in Texas? Hugs, Linda

    PS I am loyal and will always be here when you blog! Love Love Love your kitchen!!

  2. If only you could see my ear to ear grin! I am SO exctied, and with only 38 days left until Thanksmass there is a helluva lot to do and get ready. This weekend we're hosting a barn raising/build-a-thon in hopes of getting the addition framing finished and start putting the roof and walls on! I cannot wait, and its "Lake Diversion" haha G.W. need not be there! haha

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  4. Hey I have that BOWL, but not a lid or a funky holder.... *GOSH* I am jelous with envy!!
    Where is the other damn pieces to my bowl!!!!!!

    Have fun on your trip.

  5. Hmmm it kinda sounds like I am mad at you cause your bowls better than mine...
    I just wanted to assure you I am not. *hahahaha*

  6. You are going to Casablanca??!! I AM so jealous Christine! What a great idea! I guess I will have to wait for Mick's post about the festivities. It will be a blast! Say hi to Mick for me.
    Good luck at the Slidell Fair....knock em dead!
    Love your kitchen/header....a step back in time.

  7. Thats so awesome you two finally get to meet! I wanna see AAAALLL about it!! Hope the fair went well for you.xx.

  8. Ohhhhh your kitchen is sweet.....

  9. You'll have such a good time when you visit the Casablanca. Mick and Patricia are absolutely fantastic...and such wonderful hosts. They visited us at our store, and then I went to visit them. You'll adore them!