Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PBN's (And I'm Not Talking About Peanut Butter)

I wrote waaaaay too much about my personal health problems yesterday, but y'all know how I like to blabber.  Plus I was nervous about going to the oral surgeon since I always think the worst is going to happen.  He poked  his gloved finger all around my mouth (I nearly gagged a couple times but thank goodness I didn't), pronouncing that this thing was negative and that thing was good and then he got to the little black spot and said something that sounded vaguely cancerous and I thought I was going to throw up.

Miss WorryPants at it again, WRONG as usual--Dr. W is 99.9% certain it's an "amalgam tattoo" which means the spot was caused by a piece of filling digging in.  Just to be on the safe side (and so he can add more money to his millions--I'm so cynical), he's going to dig it out next month and have it biopsied.  I opted for him knocking me out prior to the surgery--I mean, why be conscious when there's a stranger cutting into your gums and possibly causing you to bleed profusely, I ask you?  Just let me snore my way through it and I'll be hunky dory.  Getting knocked out also means that I'm forcing my husband to drive me there, sit in the waiting room for the entire surgery and then drive his drugged-out wife home AND tend to her needs until she's conscious AND wait on her hand and foot until she's "safely out of the woods".

Man, am I going to milk THIS for all it's worth!

OK, Ms. ZootieSuitie--here are MY PBN's: 
Small framed smiley clown.  On the back, in pencil: 8/27/55.

Small framed creepy clown.  8/27/55 also penciled on the back.

16x12 juggling clown with dancing bear.  On the back in pencil: Painted for W. Patrick Bomer III, 1955, by Mother.

Patrick's Mother was a busy gal in 1955.  I'm assuming he was a little boy who loved the circus and/or clowns.  After seeing that creepy one, though, he may have developed a raging case of coulrophobia!

When I bought these two Jesus PBNs, the seller had written on the tag that they were watercolors.  And they were $5 each.  Yay for ignorance!

Love the sleepy little lamb.

Two little kitten PBNs--darling.  On the back: Pam Dickson.  Made in 1970 for Mother's Day.

Sweetie pie!

The Alps never looked more lovely than in this PBN.  The artist even varnished it!

Since I bought these at an estate sale the same person undoubtedly painted them.  He/she took some time and care since they are extremely well-done.  This one is varnished, as well.  Size is about 24x30.

Smallest PBN I have and also the dirtiest.  Bought it at the Flea Market With Actual Fleas for a dollar.

Another well-done effort.  Large painting signed G.D. '67

This lovely Venice scene used to be the biggest one I had but now I can't find it.  As I remember it had a tear in one corner and I MAY have thrown it away.  Yeah, I know.  Dummie.

I guess I don't have any of the really collectible PBN's but I like mine just fine.  Didn't pay much for them like I did for my gravel art but love 'em just as much.

Look at me!  Two posts in two days!  Woo hoo!!!!!


  1. Your PBNs are great - maybe not the clowns. But I love the look on Jesus' face in the first of those - my kids and I (we call ourselves Free Range Christians, not assoc with any denom) always come up with what we think Jesus is saying in pics - in this one I think he's saying "Look, guys, I know you're in there. I can hear you giggling."

    Teeth- ugh. I am with you on the how much do I need to spend on my mouth - let's be healthy but let's not go broke so I can eat taffy.

  2. The last one is so striking! Haha I need to hunt down a few PBN to collect and a few to paint myself!

  3. I thought I was imagining things...two posts in two days??? But then I figured yesterdays personal health rant didn't count! LOL....glad things are ok and yes get knocked out for the surgery. If you visit my blog you can see my daughter after coming home from wisdom tooth surgery!

    Love your PBN's!! I don't have a single one, silly me! Hugs, Linda

  4. Wow that was quick! Cool PBNs, except the Rob Zombie clowns scare me. I love the Venice one, esp...Thanks for digging them out! Yesterday I found a Jesus and Mary in the neighbors trash, no frames, but free!

  5. Hi Christine! Long time no comments, I know! I've been hiding from my blogging responsibilites. Anyway, I LOVE this post! You have a nice range on PBN's. The clowns are especially umm....memorable! What is it about clowns? Who started that decorating trend? I am guilty of owning a clown PBN too. I recently sold a whole mess of them at swap meet. I think they are making a collecting comeback. I'm glad to hear your dental woes are ok. I HATE the dentist and have not gone in many a year. Bad, bad, bad I know! I feel your pain! habg in there ;-)

  6. I am alot like you "A Worry Wart" I always seem to blow thing out of proportion or worry about things that don't need to be worried about.
    SO DON'T WORRY Christine (You're not the only one.)I get this from my Dad's Mom... I swear she worries for other people's worries for goodness sake.

    I totally love your clown PBN!! My guy WOULD HATE them. But I like them very much.

  7. I missed this one because I ASSUMED you wouldn't be doing two posts in a row! Wrong Jim!
    I painted PBN's when I was a kid and still have 'Blueboy' and 'Pinky' and my Dad still has the first 'Jesus' one you have. I LOVED doing these, so relaxing to do and I thought at the time I was A Real artist!!!lol I see these for sale all the time in thrift stores around here. Should I be buying these too?