Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

The act of collecting stuff you don't need is what is called a guilty pleasure, especially in "these hard economic times" (and if I hear that phrase being uttered on "Antiques Roadshow" one more time--just before they appraise a vase at a trillion bucks--I shall surely scream).  Be that as it may, there was a time--and not THAT long ago--when I merrily spent our money on stuff I TOTALLY didn't need but wanted so desperately that I just couldn't imagine living without it.

THAT sure did stop!

Most of the world poo-poo's the work of Thomas Kinkade but for awhile there he was really hot stuff.  I became addicted to the Bradford Exchange's Hawthorne Village series and own their "Seaside Village" set, the "Village Christmas" set, and the "Village Summerfaire" accessories set.  I managed to collect MOST of the first two but my husband put his foot down when I subscribed to the "Village Summerfaire" offer and said, "If I see ONE MORE of those damn styrofoam boxes on the porch, I'm going to drop kick it into the pond!"  I don't listen to him much anymore but when he threatens violence against my stuff,  I do.

(Note Mr. Kinkade himself hawking his wares at the Summerfaire.  The lady with the flowers in her hand has just told him, "Tom, I love your work but it is freaking EXPENSIVE and I can get it on eBay for cheap if I wanted it but I don't because you let them produce waaaaaay too much junk".  Since Mr. Kinkade long ago made that trip to the bank laughing all the way, he really doesn't give a crap).

 This is part of my Victorian-inspired guest room.  The little house under the rocking chair is NOT Victorian, of course--it's one of a bunch of Plasticville buildings I've collected.  Most of them are in the shed in plastic bags, awaiting that magic moment in time when I say, "Today I'm going to put together all those Plasticville houses and gas stations and radio stations and grocery stores and . . ."  Hahahahahahahaha!
(I like the giant rat outside the door, which I think is very '50's "Attack of the Giant ____"-ish)

This is my favorite spot in my house, partially because it's actually tidy and doesn't have a bunch of unrelated junk around it.  The Kinkade print is "Sweetheart Cottage", my favorite. 

I'm at the point with this blog where I'm not sure it will continue much longer, mainly because I'm doing things that keep me away from the computer.  Like trying to eke out a living when we are making 75% less than we did last year.  It'll be back to the flea market this weekend--the weather is getting bearable (barely).  

We are one of those families who were directly affected by the BP oil spill and the government's subsequent moratorium on drilling/exploration/maintenance.  Anyone who says that moratorium has been lifted is full of s**t--the permit process has slowed to a crawl and things aren't expected to get better anytime soon.  Getting mad at the government over this is very difficult for me as a liberal and an environmentalist, believe me.  Oh, and don't suggest we apply for BP money--we did and were turned down.  

I'm not feeling sorry for myself quite yet--we still have a roof over our heads, our bills are nearly paid off, and we have health insurance courtesy of the company my husband's employed by (although they haven't worked him much since he was hired a few months ago).  Also, I know that there are a ton of people out there who are doing much worse than we are.

It's just that things don't seem to be improving much, do they?  


  1. As corny as this is going to sound,and in fear that you'd throw something at me in real life ;) "The Sun will come out- Tomorrow gotta hang on till Tomorrow there'll be Sun" I hope you stick with blogging yours is hands down the funniest/vintage loving/ sassy out there! Even if your posts trickle down to a postcard now and then I'd (as everyone else on here would) still love to hear from you! Hang in there Chris! ... I'd finish up with a Shirley Temple song, but I'd rather nto be hunted down in my sleep :P

  2. First off - LOVING that new header!!! ((drool... drool... drool..))
    Second - You just CAN'T abandon ship COMPLETELY!! Stick with us, PUHLEASE?!?!

    Things are bound to turn around... right?.

  3. Oh honey - don't go. I know you're busy and all, but this is a great outlet for you! I couldn't live without you!!

  4. You know I love you like a fat kid loves cake and I never want you to go away! That being said, I understand having to hustle and being totally swamped trying to stay afloat. My new job is sucking the life outta me for minimum wage.

  5. Chris I would so hate to loose you! Please consider blogging even if it's just occasionally! I know very well how hard it is to live in this economy! I'm looking at trying to really sell more of my stuff also and hope I can generate a little bit of extra money. Hang in there my friend. b

  6. no..things sure aren't improving!!!
    i'm on social security and raising 3 grandkids on it..their Dads pay no child support. times are tough and crappy............................
    would hate to see you go...why not post when you have time? some would be better than far as i'm concerned!! Blogger friends are my joys in life!!..don't get out much because of i love to visit and see the world through blogger friends!

  7. Oh HELL no, you ain't going nowhere!! We'll hunt you down and pull you back.

    I scaled back on my blog too. Work, etc is sucking the life out of me, but jeez, my blog posts just don't compare to yours!!

    awww seriously, just post when you can, or take a break, but don't give up on blogging. We would miss you terribly. :(

  8. Dont stop bloggin it may save your sanity It does mine lol

  9. Don't stop blogging! It's nice to hear from you, even if it's only a little here and there.

    The remark from your husband about kicking it to the pond sure gave me a giggle. I think my man feels that way whenever I buy another pair of shoes. So I am gonna need to organize them very well so he will never see a random pile of shoes laying around anywhere!

    I hope things get better for you and your family sometime in the VERY near future

  10. WTF! Chris, pull it together girl! I am not minimizing your situation and I am being totally selfish of course, but there must be some way for you to use your blog to help 'sell' yourself and your talent. A few have already said (and I have too) that you are the QUEEN of this genre.
    Focus on what you have to do now and stay 'connected' too to us. Now THAT was pushy! It's hard for Canadians to be so bold! lol

  11. Ack. To blog or not blog seems to be a common question these days. Hoping you stay but understand if you go. Or just pop in from time to time. Whatever works.

  12. You cant stop blogging - its good for the soul ;o) Hope things get better for you soon. Scarlett x