Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Me, The Great Procrastinator

Over a week ago, Miz 1950s Ranch asked others to share what was in their salon de bain.  As Queen Of All Procrastinators, I hereby submit to you, late as usual, my stuff.

Over the terlet, a golden tray holding a bunch of mini and vintage perfumes.  I adore my pink planter with the awesome plastic flowers and greenery.  Wish I could find more vintage plastic flora.

 Lovely vintage hairspray cover and lipstick holder.

I have a rather small bathroom (which, fortunately, I don't have to share with my beloved but usually very dirty husband), so I can't display all the boudoir stuff I've amassed.  Of course it sits out in the shed and I visit it.  I have several vanity sets and a couple beautiful bakelite mirrors. 

 Sterling silver on glass perfume bottles, several boxes of fragrant vintage soaps, puff boxes, and an old "chopper hopper"!

The box with the pretty young lass doesn't hold anything but when I saw it at an estate sale I just had to bring it home.  My mom had one of these Chinese kid pincushions. 

This vintage Margo talc is from England and smells absolutely divine. 
(The Elmo Sales Corp. on the bottom kind of squashes the elegance factor, but oh well).

I've been able to snag some good deals on vintage costume jewelry recently and hope to be able to feature some here soon.  Which in ChristineTime could mean anytime between now and Just Before The World Ends.  So don't hold your breath, kiddies.

Love y'all!!!!!!!


  1. Ooh there are so many items here i'd love to own, the hairspray cover and lipstick holder have to be my fave - they are fabulous! Scarlett x

  2. I just featured Elmo cosmetics on my blog!! How weird you have some!!

  3. That would be because I'm weird, of course!

  4. Love your little perfume bottles. I use to have a small collection of them but they seem to have disappeared. Looking forward to the jewelry post when ever you get to it. :)

  5. Betcha your place smells purdy!
    So your grass (lawn) is crispy!? Now that IS weird! Our So there!s is wet and flat!

  6. Oh, lovelies! So girlie and so vintage! My bathroom is nothing special. Right now it's a blank canvas because we just got through painting it *white* after I peeled the wallpaper off a year and a half ago!

  7. Funny thing, Christine, not a single other person had any cosmetics and such to share! I'm glad I wasn't the only one. So many ladies have such fine vintage fashions, I was sure they'd have cosmetics too!

    Plastic flowers. I once bought a big box of them off eBay for an astonishing $7, but had to sell them again on eBay (for something like $60 when times got tight). You simply can't find them, and they were so popular... Strange.

    Well I adore all your vintage finery! None of mine is in my bathroom, and I was going to put it all in the Master bedroom on the tiny built in vanity, but *sigh* that giant lotus leaf and flower, and my Buddha statue looked better over there, so for now I crammed it all into the other pink room on the dresser.

    Good to see you again, I was about to send out a search party!

  8. I had forgotten all about those hairspray containers/covers. I use to have one back in the day. I've been wondering where you've been. How is your dad?

  9. Dude! I didn't know they sold that powder talc stuff on Sesame Street!...and that Elmo lives in England Whoa! Seriously, you have some great things in there! I have that Chinese pin cushion! It was so cute..hadta have it. PS-LOVE the plastic flowers! When I lost my job, I was just getting ready to buy real flowers to plant, so guess what? I hauled all my fake flowers to the front yard and stuck them in the ground amongst the flamingos, then put a little white plastic fence around it! Voila...instant garden! I'll have to do a post on it..hilarious.