Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Giveaway Goodies

I've added a few things to go along with the Brastoff ashtray and the Fenton vase.  Have also added a third bunch of stuff so that there will be three lucky ducky weeners!

This giveaway prize now includes two Fire-King Peach Lustre coffee mugs, vintage matches from the long-gone Nelva Court Motel in Meridian, MS and a matchbox from Sweden, PLUS a cool vintage faux croc cigarette case from Savory's, London. 
I believe I received the matches from my dear pal Angel, so I hope you don't mind  me including them in the giveaway but they're sooooo part of the assemblage!

Giveaway prize number two now features an Indiana Glass "Diamond Point" crystal salt & pepper set, a crystal "hen on nest" salt and a sparkling vintage rhinestone pin!

Since it's just about Spring, I thought some pretty pink things would be fun, so here's a pretty pink opalescent ruffle rim vase, a pair of pretty pink pig salt & pepper shakers (with a gold label reading "Grotto of the Redemption West Bend Iowa" and why someone would buy pink pig salt & pepper shakers as a souvenir of a religious site is totally beyond me, but hey, they're cute!) and a sweet little pretty pink glazed stoneware bunny.

These photos were taken on top of the stump of the giant oak tree that my husband, Paul Bunyan, chopped down last summer.  After he got his buddy Nate to climb up into the branches like a freakin' monkey and saw off various tree limbs.  We now have actual grass springing up in our backyard instead of great piles of oak leaves!

On a completely different subject, I think I've been a little too harsh on my panicking friends in California, since it now appears that they may actually be on the receiving end of some of the radiation coming their way from Japan.  I can assure you that, as a world-class panicker, I would be hyperventilating like crazy by now if I still lived in California.  Let's just pray that all the brilliant nuclear expert minds worldwide will come up with a solution.  God bless the Japanese--an earthquake, a tsunami and now this nuclear thing.

Hey, do you think the Mayans were off by a year and THIS is actually 2012?  It sure seems like it . . .


  1. Nice collection of goodies there ;)
    God is awesome and His ways often hard to understand but...knowing peace awaits believers is my comfort.

  2. Me wantum pigs!!

    I refuse to believe radiation is coming to CA. If it does, I certainly hope I look good in whatever color it makes me. Can you sue Japan? Hmmm.

  3. It's already here. The radiation here in CA. That stuff travels at the speed of a jet plane! =O

    I guess that Fallout Shelter sign I bought is more necessary than ever lol..

  4. Wow you have added some very cool items to the giveaway! Love them all.

    I hope Japan survives this and the rest of us also! Darn Scary!

  5. I hope everyone in CA stays safe. I really do feel like this year nature has been turning on us - in Australia we have been dealing with major floods, cyclones, and bushfires, and our neighbours had a terrible earthquake. It just won't stop!

  6. What neat giveaways!!! You have the coolest stuff, Chris. I love it all. Even the weird religious cult shrine pigs.

    Hope your dad is better!


  7. Yipes! Radioactive! Now who wants to live in CA? Well, I guess I still do. Life sure is crazy. In lighter news, I WANT those piggies! They are too darn cute and the fact that they came from a religious tourist trap makes me want em even more!

  8. Wow beautiful stuff! All of it.
    Today I saw a pink vase like the blue one pictured in pic number two in a little thrift store. Those vases are so darn gorgeous!

  9. Love those prizes! Here's sending good thoughts to all of our friends in California and Japan.