Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's In MY Backyard

ZootSuitMama asked us to show what's in our backyards.  I live on 4.5 acres, half of it woods and we have a pond.  In southern Mississippi.

I now show you THE most important, valuable, treasured item in our backyard:
We don't have to run it in the winter but when we went out to turn it back on the other day due to winter having said, "Arrivederci, Mississippi!" we discovered it was--SOB!--broken. 

EMERGENCY!  Call the skeeter vac man and order one, pronto!  We have no money, you say?  CHARGE the motherf**ker!  There's just no way you can walk outside around here without a skeeter vac protecting you.

These little mounds are all over the backyard.  I'm not sure if they're beetles or (more probably) fireants.  If they're fireants these mounds will become gargantuan in, oh, about two days.   

ZootSuitMama was hoping to see everyone's cute little vintage trailers like she has.  HA!  We want to sell this 29' monstrosity, but unfortunately what seems like all the FEMA trailers that were in New Orleans after Katrina are now for sale within a 100-mile radius of us.  Of course OURS hasn't been trashed like so many of the FEMA trailers--people got housing for free and I guess they felt they didn't have to take care of it.  For now, I'm stashing all the junk I'll be taking to the flea market in a couple weeks in it. 

Of course my beloved shed is in my backyard.  Doesn't it look like Ma and Pa Kettle live here?  Good lord, I just saw what appears to be the reflection of a large blonde/gray woman in the window!  I can't IMAGINE who that could be . . . . .

Some nice atomic glasses set out for lemonade later. 

 I love my little Radio Flyer wagon even with all the dirt and rust.

I don't keep this in my backyard, but guess what?  When I reach 200 followers one of these days this mid-century signed Sascha Brastoff ashtray will be awarded to one lucky gal or guy!  Stay tuned! 


  1. I'd like to come and "set a spell" with you in front of that shed. I'm going to have to look up the skeeter vac. Sounds like a useful thing to have on those hot summer nights.

  2. That's so hilarious! I'd take that trailer to camp in! Hell, paint it pink, throw some flamingos in front and you got retro! Thanks, I'd love a shed, too!

  3. Oh lordie... Everyone has a better backyard than I do! Trailer and all!! I love your shack! All I have is an ugly metal monstrosity!! Eeep!

    I once had a beautiful garden. Could have been in a magazine. Then one day I realized I couldn't work in it 10 hours a day. It went to hell. Then it went to jungle.

    Last year (year before?) I had a crew of 6 guys come in and they spent 12 hours cutting and hauling it all away. And it's only a 40' x 65' backyard lollll

    Now... Dirt, weeds and two orange trees. One day I will get the lawn guys to plant me something mid-century *fingers crossed*

  4. I really like your atomic glasses set. So cute!

  5. Great yard and boy do I understand the skeeter vac! I lived in Mississippi for several years! Nice trailer but with gas prices going up that won't help much to sell it either. Nice shed!

  6. Thank goodness we don't have that many skeeters in Oklahoma but hoping our screened in porch will help with the few we do have. I would love to live on an acreage. Our neighbors are too close and if I want to yell at my hubby everyone will know it!

  7. Love the yard, mine is tiny and a mess so there's no way I'm posting a pic. What is a skeeter vac? I don't have a clue ha ha!

  8. We need one of those mosquito vacs!! What's the brand name of yours? Believe it or not we DO get them there critters here too and Black Flies that 'dive bomb' ya! from mid May to October.

    Those glasses ARE nice!

  9. Just found your fabulous blog! Thought I'd say a big hello :o) Scarlett x