Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meowy Christmas From The Cat

This is one of those moments when you turn around and see this and realize that your camera is right there on the table and you hold your breath praying that the cat stays still for one......second......longer......

(He wrapped himself up and then sat there going, "What tinsel?  Where?")

 Boo's favorite spot in the entire universe when the weather gets cold and his Mom won't turn on the heat.  An old gas stove with an Eternally Lit Pilot Light is a bitch in the summer but a total godsend this time of year.  Purr purr purr!!!

Hope you're having a helluva Christmas and if you're not, don't worry about it.  Apparently you're in some excellent company considering the very long, very thoughtful, very heartfelt comments some of you left on yesterday's post.  We can't all be happy just because this is supposedly "the most wonderful time of the year"--there's just too much shit going down these days.  That being said, however, let's buck up and get through the holidays as sanely as possible.

I love you guys!!!


  1. Hahaha!!! Chris my cat is in my lap, checking out Booboo kitty!

    Awww forget it, I spilled my guts again on my blog today, but what the hell, I'll move on tomorrow! lol...

    Merry Merry, we love you!!!

  2. Exactly! We can't do anything about it, so we might as well try to enjoy it!

    Merry Christmas, regardless!

  3. Great pics! lol

    Have a great day (and thanks for stopping by my blog)!

  4. I'll do my best, Chris!
    Love that first pic......caught in the act!!!! Look at those eyes!

  5. That picture is priceless! Just think...another whole year before we have to do this again. That's how I feel when this day is over. Maybe this is an age thing.

  6. Me and my pets spent the day together, eating resting and eating some more! What would we do without them? Talk about unconditional love. I never met a cat or dog who made me feel bad on a holiday! Glad we did ours last night. Love to all! Zootsuitmama

  7. Hiya Chris, it's boxing day here now, and yep, I'm over it. We had a bit of a spoiler yesterday, with my shit father turning up and ruining my sisters day, a sick baby and 2 very ill cancer patients in the family, so it was short-shrift Xmas for us. Back to work for me now getting stuff ready for the shop opening in February, am very grateful I have VB to cheer me up! Love to you and all yours.xx.

  8. Damn, I miss having a cat. They're so flippin' crazy!
    I just read your previous post, and it really hit home with me. Tonight I said I Love You to some relatives that I'd never said that to before. It felt really good, and was surprisingly easy to do!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I think the tinsel just wired your cat...look at that scary eye! And I love that awesome stove!!! I saw one at an estate sale that had sold before I got there...for just $200!!! Anyway, hope you had a very vintage Christmas, Chris. Love you, too!


  10. Merry Christmas Chris!! Lots of love and hope and dreams for a less crappy 2011!
    ♥ Rachel

  11. Love the cats! I'm saying enjoy the day the best we can!

  12. Is that kitty a Bombay? He's so pretty! :D Happy soon-to-be 2011 to you!