Monday, December 6, 2010

175 Followers! Time For A Giveaway!

OK--here it comes.  I'm going to give away three items, two of which are slightly damaged but no one will ever know if you put them on a high shelf in your curio cabinet. 

First up, this absolutely beautiful blue opalescent Fenton hobnail double ruffle rim vase.  About 6" tall.  There is a crack under the glass on one of the ruffles but it is not visible from the front whatsoever and you actually really have to look hard to see it AND you can't even feel it. 

Up next is a white opalescent Fenton hobnail vase with a ruffle rim.  The damage on this one is more pronounced but again, you can't see it from the front.  When I initially saw the crack--and this one can be felt--I thought it had broken but had been quite expertly repaired, but I really think it's just cracked, perhaps from having been put down a little too hard.  Believe me, like the blue vase, this one will display beautifully.  5-1/2" tall. 

Last, but certainly not least, here's a gorgeous deep orange crystal bowl.  No damage here!  It's a shade under 4" tall.

When I put it in the window, wow! 

If you'd like a chance at winning one of these lovelies, just be a VintageChristine follower and leave a comment on this post.   Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, December 10 and on Saturday I'll draw names--the first one drawn will receive the blue vase, the second one drawn will get the white vase and #3 will OBVIOUSLY get the orange bowl.

I'm taking a bunch of my vintage costume jewelry to the Slidell Antique Association's Christmas Block Party this Friday--I managed to wrangle the hubs into helping me with the enticement of the Party's cash bar.  Woo hoo!  However, he has strict orders to refrain from suggesting anyone become a "Stuntman", heh heh heh.

I mean, really, who would ever think this man would do something so ridiculous?

Happy Monday, y'all!  We're freezing our buns off down here in southern Mississippi.  Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!


  1. Okay, first poster. Longtime follower, you know that, and you know me well enough to set aside that orange dish and name me the winner!!

  2. Wow - I love that orange glass! Please sign me up!

  3. No, no, no, no, nooooo. Barbara does not get the orange dish. I DO. Afterall, who loves Halloween more than I and orange is the color of All Hallows Eve, my dearie. Third place is not so bad after all! Oh well, I know you've got a good eye for pretty neat stuff, Chris, so I'll take whatever I can get. Just pul-lease draw my name, LOL.

    BTW, if you don't sell your jewelry at the Slidell show, put it on Etsy. I've had some pretty good success with jewelry there.

    Stay warm!

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I love vases. Count me in.

  5. Oh, what is it 65 degrees F!!!!! You want cold....I'll show you cold!!!! lol
    Guess what, I have found American Pickers up here on our History channel!!! Yeah! Love it too and would love to travel with those two guys. They know exactly what to say and not to say. I was expecting they would be more 'pushy' and rude. But no, they are OK.
    Oh yea, count me in your give-away. Thanks Chris.

  6. Baby it's cold outside! I love them all but I must say the white one is so pretty! Good luck with your sale of jewelry! No that man would 'never' do anything crazy! :) Oh and of course I'm a follower...

  7. Yay yay yay! Congrats on the followers, Mama! I am soooo excited for a chance to win this! I really want the blue vase. he he he. Hopefully the vintage gods will smile on me!

    Dollie D

  8. Please put my name in the pot. I love this cold weather. I hope it gets colder. I hope it snows a foot!!

  9. Yay, what a great giveaway, I especially love the second and the third ones. And congrats on 175 followers!
    Here in Finland we have more than a half meter (two feet) of snow right now! It's winter!

  10. w follower here, I would love to be entered into your giveaway!

  11. How adorable, count me in! I'm already a follower.