Friday, October 22, 2010

Vintage Costume Jewelry (And Some Other Old Stuff)

Don't know if you noticed the new pix on my sidebar entitled "Going to the Street Fair"--that's just a small part of what I've spent the last couple weeks sorting, looking up what I paid for it, pricing it EXTREMELY low (we're going to be a "No Dicker Zone" booth which will probably piss off some people.  Eh.), writing up individual price tags and inventory number tags, and wrapping every single piece in bubble wrap and placing it ever-so-carefully in plastic tubs.  I'm telling you, that stuff is wrapped and packed so well that you could throw it out of an airplane and nothing would break.

Except, don't.  I need to sell it.

I'm also taking a small amount of vintage costume jewelry and a few pieces of old this 'n that.  What with sticky fingers (and I'm not talking about children) and one less person to (wo)man the booth, I just didn't feel like we should deal with locking and unlocking jewelry cases so I'm just taking one and assigning The Money Lady (Lowly Trooper Sally) to show what's in the case.
The Zenith pocket radio is from the 50's and still works, even though it's just AM and the only station I can get on it is the local C&W station (although I have to say I do love their Swap Shop feature where you can swap a cow for a utility trailer or try to sell the eight Lab/Pit Pull/Chihuahua/Blue Tick Hound puppies you found under the house.  The local SPCA fights a losing battle around these here parts where if you even mention neutering a male dog all the men reflexively cross their legs and then back away from you like you're gonna chop off THEIR precious wee-wee!).  The New Testament was issued during WWII, the Zinab Fan Deck is for doing sleight-of-hand magic tricks. 

The Smallest Bible In The World was given to my first husband in 1955 and the giver wrote "To Lynn, A Good Christian Boy" (wishful thinking there, since he grew up to be a raging atheist).

I really hate to give up the commemorative World's Fair spoon and hankie since they were from the Columbian Exposition honoring the discovery of America by C. Columbus which makes both items 118 years old and they're about the only things I own that weren't made during my childhood! 

Here are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that hopefully will be loved by their next owner(s). 
An absolutely beautiful Trifari pin from 1953:

I found this pin at Kathy's Flea Market (where the fleas are real and they will attack you if you forget to lather on the bug spray before you go)--it was extremely dirty and missing one of the pearls but I still had to have it, especially since she GAVE it to me!  Of course I had to spend some money on the citrine stone but this is now a truly lovely and unique piece of jewelry.

The Christmas Tree pin was found in a big lot of (mostly broken) costume jewelry I bought.  I can replace stones on costume jewelry so I'm always looking for onesy earrings and broken pins with lots of rhinestones.  When I looked at this pin more closely I saw a manufacturer's name on the back: DeNicola.  Turns out Jerry DeNicola was in business for only about 20 years from the 50's to the 70's and his jewelry is kinda sought after.  I was all set to sell it but unfortunately I will have to replace three small rectangular stones on the base.  I actually just noticed they were missing while I was writing about the pin!

I've shown you these large crystal pins before but they are really and truly so spectacular.  The two on the left are pre-WWII and I found both listed in Warman's costume jewelry reference books with a book price of $125 each (the tags say $45 but I changed it to $60 after I thought to myself, "Self, let's not just GIVE these away, ok?").  The feather pin on the right is by Weiss from the 50's.  Then there's that little bee pin and several multi-color and/or crystal flower pins.  All in all, some great stuff that I HOPE will sell, but who knows--this isn't exactly LA or NYC where people know the value of good vintage jewelry.  I have a McClelland Barclay fur clip that I'm not even going to bother taking to the show since I doubt anyone other than the costume jewelry vendor will know who he was.

The hubby just climbed out of his coffin rolled out of bed so once he gets back from Mickey D's we're going to start loading up--we'll be able to start setting up after 5pm this evening and everything needs to ready to go by 10am tomorrow.  I am SO EXCITED! 


  1. Good luck Christine. Hope you make lots of dough.

  2. You will clean up....If you are ever selling confetti lucite jewelry, you need to email me some pics!

  3. I just noticed the pic of the Nicholas Brothers from the movie with Glenn Miller. Love that song!

    Oh gosh, and you have such fab goodies! I found a tiny bible in an old suitcase I bought, dated in the 30's that looks likes yours. I almost sold it, but Mom convinced me to keep it (when I was selling off my vintage stuff, Mom didn't want me to sell anything, but I needed the money! But I kept the bible, even tho we are all agnostics lol).

    Good luck, I hope you sell everything! Make sure to have little visible signs on the watch and radio that say "I work!" or something, so people know. People like to buy stuff that still runs ;)

  4. Good Luck with the sale!! You have the coolest stuff!! Wish I were there.

  5. Good luck Chris! When you're done this weekend, could you drop by and give us a hand 'sorting' through our 'stuff'.....a basement full!!! Thinking about setting up an Etsy account?! Anyway, have a great wknd.

  6. I have dibs on one piece, maybe two - see your email woman!

  7. If you havent sold them, I'd liek those Chineese black and gold bookends! :)

  8. Mick took the words out of my mouth!! darn it...

    and I second the etsy account!If you need any help or have any questions about it, email me, please. I'd love to help you. :)

    Good luck! I've been unloading a lot of my things lately, too. It doesn't feel as bad as the cash in my pocket feels good!

  9. You have some wonderful things. I know you will do really well.

  10. Oh beans! I just hate window shopping! Unfortunate for me that I am at least ten hours driving time away....I could spend hours at your booth picking our goodies for myself. Good luck, Chris!


  11. Wow you have some fantastic pieces!I wish i could magically zap myself to the fair & buy some of your beautiful things.
    Good luck with the fair i hope you sell all of your gorgeous items & make a heap of money:D

  12. fabulous pieces, I do love a nice bit of vintage sparkly jewellery! GOOD LUCK!

  13. There are some amazing pieces there- Wish I could make it there. You are bound to sell everything!

  14. It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I was the girl how bought the Boontonware, cocktail glasses, and serving dish...the one with the tattoos! Thank you again for all my new treasures. I will be posting about them on my blog: and I will be following you now!


  15. You've got some fantastic looking stuff there. I love that snowflake style pin on the left.

    I hope to one day come across some of the rhinestone pins (both regular and Christmasy) like the ones that belonged to my mother.