Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh, The Pain, The Pain!!!

Even though I know in my heart of hearts that getting rid of my Himalayan mountains of STUFF is a good thing, it's still not an easy task.  I'll pick something up and think, "OK, this will go to the antique sale," and put it in the antique sale mountain.  Then I'll look at all my milk glass and try to work up the resolve to walk over and pick something up without crying.  Well, I'm kidding about that, and it shouldn't be all that difficult to grab that reproduction Westmoreland cookie jar, but yet and still . . .

I'm actually moving along pretty well on gathering stuff, pricing stuff, and wrapping and packing stuff for the upcoming Antiques Street Fair in Slidell, LA in two weeks.  After the Street Fair I'm having the mother of all yard sales to clear out a ridiculous amount of crap (excuse me, but I'm sort of ashamed of myself for buying stuff that any nincompoop would know was pretty much worthless).

Here's my 10x10 E-Z-Up tent.  I'm borrowing the shelving from my antique mall landlady--they're made out of pipe and cut up pocket doors!  P.S.--the tent is not all that easy to put up, unless you're lucky enough to have a loving husband along to do it for you. 

This beautiful etched crystal rose bowl is going:

And two ruby red cut-to-clear wine glasses:

I've been lugging this incredibly heavy cast iron tea kettle around ever since my friend Beau gave it to me.  It's time to let someone ELSE have a crack at it (the chafing dish is going, too):

I'm sure that by the time the fair rolls around I'm going to be so sick of all my stuff that I won't want to go, but of course I will since I'm pretty sure I'll have a good show as I've priced things REALLLLLLLY cheap.  If I were a buyer instead of a seller I'd be thinking, "Man, these prices are incredible!" so hopefully fairgoers will be like thinkers and buy a ton of my junk!  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Oh, and speaking of pain . . . there is definitely something wrong with me evidenced by the fact that I stayed up until 11PM last night to watch (now don't laugh) one of the worst movies ever made:
Granted, Elizabeth Barkley was unbelievably beautiful and there's always been something fascinating about Gina Gershon (Bucky Beaver teeth and all), but good lord, that scene with Barkley and Kyle McLachlin in the pool having sex and Barkley flopping around like a fish on crack . . . I mean, HUH?  I can't even blame me watching it on wine because I wasn't even drinking!

"Showgirls" is so bad that it makes "Plan 9 From Outer Space" look like a serious Oscar contender.


  1. Hey Chris! Good to 'hear'from you. You have been busy I see. You know that you WILL be having withdrawals after letting all these things go. We will be here for Seriously though, it must be hard! I know how attached I have gotten to certain 'things' I have.
    But, think of all the mullah you'll have made!!! Keep going girl.

  2. I understand your pain,last year we had a massive clean out when we moved.Just think of all the extra space you will have for all the new purchases lol:).
    Your OE&G chocolate set is just devine!
    Good luck at the fair & have fun:)

  3. I do know what you're going through...check out my last post. It wasn't easy, that's for sure. You can do it! Just don't buy a bunch of stuff while you're there. There was an estate sale next door the same day we had our sale and I practically had to chain myself to my chair to keep from going over there.

  4. Good Luck! I know this is hard for you but necessary! Keep thinking how you will feel better when it is all over!! As for that movie, I've seen it also and it's like watching a train wreck, ya can't look away...not sure

    hugs, Linda

  5. Good Luck!! I know it's hard, but I'm sure you won't regret selling a single thing.
    Hope you sell it all and rake in the dough!! xoxo

  6. Good on you Chris! Great score on the borrowed shelving too, that stuff is really expensive to buy and it will give you some height which is crucial. Make sure you don't have too much help available, that way you'll be tied to your stall so you can't leave it and walk around and find stuff to buy! I hope you do really well.xx.

  7. Good luck with that! I've been getting rid of lots of my vintage clothes over the last couple of years and I agree it's hard, of course this stuff hasn't fit me for about 15 years but still it's hard! I do the same, pick something up, photograph it, decide to sell and then put it back, it's hard, but necessary, GOOD LUCK!

    Oh and my marquee is an E-Z up too, it ain't that easy! But of course cos I'm in the UK I have sides all around, can't trust the weather here!

  8. You forget about a lot of the stuff you sell... Some time after you sell it ha ha...

    I've told you before I had to go through and sell a lot of my vintage stuff a few years ago. I'm still wondering if I sold a sort of science book that had an amazing atomic cover or not (darned if I can remember) but I can't seem to find it, so I must have.

    Other then that, I don't regret selling any of it. My tastes changed a bit since (from general vintage to specific atomic 1950's) so it was a bit easier to deal with.

    And the extra room and money is a bonus (why else do it?). =)

    Good luck on the sale, let us know how it goes!

  9. Hi Christine!
    Thanks for stopping by, I've missed you. I've been remiss in visiting my fave blogs too... Facebook is such a fabulous time suck!
    This is also my season to offload stuff. Like most of the funky (polka dots & herringbone check!) vintage English china in our garage that has been boxed for a quarter century. I expect many tears during that process. Best of luck at your sale. Sell it sista!

  10. You are inspirational! You'll end up with extra space and tons of ca$h to buy more fun stuff to fill it up with! I love that - much better than my idea to just throw it in the pond and call it "fish habitat"

  11. Oh More purging! I hope you make a million bucks, or close to it :-) You may be inspiring me to get on top of the Ebay pile growing in my office. Good Luck!

  12. Thanks for dropping by and all the comments I really do appreciate them. Out with old and in with the new. Change is good, so good luck. by the way Miss. and La. are my two favorite places.

  13. Hi! I am your newest follower!! Cool blog!