Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mid-Century Pin-up Calendar

I don't know if any other little girls did this, but I do remember sneaking in my parents' bathroom and digging into Dad's stack of Playboy magazines he "hid" under the sink.  OK, if that's weird then so be it.  I didn't READ the damn thing (something I shared with most of the male readers, apparently) but enjoyed looking at the Vargas pin-up drawings and the cartoons were always great even though I didn't "get" them half the time.  One that has stuck in my mind was a drawing of a big-breasted ballerina practicing at the barre--she has just whapped a bystander in the face with her enormous boobs and an elderly gentleman standing nearby is saying to his male companion, "Now you see why ballerinas are traditionally flat-chested."


About a year ago during an eBay buying orgy, I found an auction for mid-century calendar pin-up pages.  The seller was offering them one-at-a-freaking-time and I finally just made her an offer for the whole set (not too bad, actually) that she accepted.  Only problem is that she didn't have December, but I have the other 11 months so I'm ok.  These aren't Vargas--they were drawn by another great pin-up artist of the day, George Petty. 
Here's the little poem:

The resolutions that I swore
I blithely broke in '54--
It won me such a tidy treasure,
Now I can repent at leisure.

I'm still deep into getting ready for the Street Fair this weekend--I have 10 big plastic bins full of bubble-wrapped stuff and I'm rarin' to go!  Weather should be great, and hopefully everyone will be in a buying mood.


  1. I confess. I too would go into my dads "stash" of Playboys to look at the forbidden pictures. I didn't read any of it... but I sure learned what I wanted to look like when I grew up. Oh, to have a figure like some of these women. It NEVER happen.
    Have fun with the Street Fair. Hope it's all you wish for.

  2. Ha,I used to look at my dad's stash too! He kept them in my cubby house,of all places!
    Ah,the days of curvy,realistic women!

  3. I just love this stuff!

    My dad didn't have any playboy, but when the tornado went through the trailer park back in 72, we found quite a collection in the shed that ended up in the tree.

    Sounds like I'm kidding, doesn't it? But I'm not!


  4. Yeah I was curious about how big my boobs would get, so I checked them out too...

    Still waiting on those big boobies lol.....

  5. ...S.T.I.L.L. waiting.
    Oh well, guess I don't have to worry about sagging.
    ~~~~~~~ ANYWAYS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I was wondering when we were going to get the big report on the the street sale - guess we haven't gotten one, 'cause it hasn't happened yet! GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. ok I know the key ladies, I never saw my Dad's stash if he had them and i HAVE big boobs ha ha!

  7. When I got married I cleaned out all my husbands Playboys and threw them out. I let him know right then that I was his playboy girl from then on. Seemed to have worked!

  8. My parents confiscated love letters from my 18 year old brother to a 40 year old neighbor lady and had them in their dresser. I used to go in and read them.

    Point of trivia: I learned to read at age 4. My first out loud reading to my parents? From Playboy. I was reading over my dads shoulder. He said "do you know what you just read" and I said "nope". He closed the mag and put it away, and he never read one in my presence again!

  9. I found my big brother's stack. I can remember the Marilyn Monroe one with her in the pool.
    Thanks for my Halloween card. It is adorable. I luurrve it.

  10. Cute little pin-up! My dad never had girlie magazines, but he did get one called Old West Stories or Detective Stories - something like that. There was an ad for "prophalactics" (condoms) in one and when I asked him what those were he nearly choked. I did not get an answer, LOL!


  11. Love that calendar! Wish I could go to that sale!! But I'd end up being broke! Good luck and hope you don't bring anything back.

  12. Oh I have enjoyed reading your comments! Its funny that everyone (including me) has a girly mag story. I found one in the old wood stove when I was a kid. Either someone was going to burn it or was just stashing it. I had an older brother so, I'm betting on the latter!

  13. Dad's was in his bottom drawer, and of course I did the same. Great calendar page. I love old pinup art.