Sunday, August 1, 2010

If It's Breakable, I Collect It

Along with Weller pottery, I love Westmoreland glass and of course Fenton glass.  Yes yes, I know that people are starting to turn their noses up at Fenton because they sell it on QVC for pete's sake and a friend of mine has found some of their new stuff at Tuesday Morning.  Be that as it may, Fenton glass still fetches some pretty steep prices on eBay, believe me! 

I have a small collection of these kitty cats--this one is my latest addition.  I hadn't noticed the heart painted on its nose until just now.  Ahhhhh!

This Fenton lime green custard glass compote glows under a black light.  Far out!

My absolute favorite glassmaker is Westmoreland Glass.  This company went out of business in 1983 but sold many of their molds to other companies.  There are several sellers on eBay who label their glass Westmoreland but then when you read the description it turns out it's Westmoreland molds currently being used by Mosser Glass.  Some of the stuff is pretty nice, actually, and people are buying it.  I prefer the real deal, though.

This is a Westmoreland blue satinized glass "Colonial" loving cup compote.  Satinized glass is incredibly smooth.

Westmoreland "English Hobnail" milk glass comport.

Westmoreland "Rose Trellis" pattern in milk glass.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and found lots of goodies!


  1. How can you tell glass makers apart? Glass isn't always marked, is it? Or do the "big names" always mark their glass?

    I see them IDing glass on Antiques Roadshow, and even the experts seem to have trouble sometimes.

    I admire you for knowing your stuff, because when it comes to glass, I can't tell the difference between any of them. =O

  2. You're like an encylopedia, woman! I've learned so much from you, and know I now that I LOVE satinized glass :)

  3. Thanks Teach! I am learning lots from you. Love the satinized glass too. Found a couple of things yesterday....Fire King mug and a Hobnail vase....50 cents for both.

  4. You really know your glass girl! I love the blue satinized glass and the green Fenton.

  5. Beautiful stuff! I know of some broken stuff I can get you...

  6. I love the title of this blog, IF it's Breakable, I collect it! Sounds like me, but I shouldn't be surprised that we like a lot of the same things. I love learning about glass from you!

  7. Sweet, everything I need to know about glass.... Thank you for your informational posts, as well as your "eye candy".

    Hugs and love,

  8. cute kitty..thanks for the glass info..its true we learned so much from your blog...lovely sanatized glass my fave.

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  10. I dedicated a blog post to you VC. Come check it out.