Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Blatant Braggin' On My Husband

Apparently my little corner of the world was one of those "isolated pockets" of disruption Blogger was talking about yesterday in the HELP! I CAN'T BLOG DAMN IT SO F**K YOU BLOGGER section that I ran to after it became apparent that I could neither do anything with my blog nor leave comments on anyone else's.  I know some of you experienced the high levels of frustration and anger that I did but today all is  sweetness and light and I'm back with the rest of the blogging world.

In answer to some of your comments on the first Biker Mike post, I actually did have a Harley at one time and was in the process of learning how to ride it when lo and behold! I discovered that it was very very heavy and when it wanted to lay down and go sleepy it could do so no matter what I tried to do to dissuade it.  After I burned my leg on the exhaust pipe and fell over going, oh, about 2 miles an hour it dawned on me that perhaps riding a motorcycle wasn't going to be MY THING. 

As for riding "bitch" on the hubby's bike, well, if it were ME driving in a car behind ME on the back of a motorcycle and if it were ME looking at ME on the back of said motorcycle, well, I personally would be thinking, #1: "Oh my god, why doesn't that woman go on a diet?" and #2: "Jeez, I wonder how that motorcycle even gets up to speed with HER big fat butt on it!" 

You asked.

Here's another Biker Mike work-in-progress.  After paying $500, this little number arrived at the workshop completely dismantled with all the parts stuffed into milk crates--in this condition it's known as a "basket case".  Which is what I'd quickly become if I were presented with the daunting challenge of reassembling a motorcycle from the ground up, but men like the hubby relish tasks like this.  (Taking out the garbage, though?  Not so much.)  Specs: started out in life as a 1970 Honda CB 754 and is destined to become an "old school" chopper with a Fury girder, coffin tank and a flat fender (again, I'm quoting verbatim and yes, my eyes immediately rolled to the back of my head while he was telling me this).  The color is House of Kolor "Solar Gold".  You're supposed to be highly impressed with all the spokes on that front wheel in the back, by the way.

Lastly, another basket case, this one belonging to Mike's friend Hippie Nate.  Once upon a time this was a 1981 Harley Davidson Sportster 1000 ironhead.  It's been sitting in the workshop for about two years now--every once in awhile Nate will call and say he's on his way over to work on the bike and then doesn't show up, being Hippie Nate and all.  Maybe he thinks Mike will just wave his magic wand and pouf! the bike will be restored to showroom floor glory.  Then Nate will ride off into the sunset, his long hair flowing, a joint clamped between his teeth and a beautiful bee-atch clutching his waist.

Speaking of bee-atchs, here's the workshop calendar girl all the guys decided they liked best.  Apparently Mike runs a G-rated shop.  She's not even topless!

Awesome "Easy Rider" poster in the workshop.  R.I.P., Dennis Hopper.

Here are the happy road warriors, about to set off for a day of fun in Sandy Hook!  Va-ROOOOOOOM!

Just because I like y'all and because I like to give things away there's another giveaway coming up, details coming soon.  Miz Ninny's kitty planter was offered up to the U.S. Postal Service UsPuss gods yesterday and I specifically requested that they keep it away from the UsPuss Gorilla that broke all that Fenton glass.  Upon my request, Mr. UsPuss behind the UsPuss counter gave me one of those sly "heh heh heh, we'll just see about THAT!" looks and grabbed the box.  I thought I heard simian-type grunting in the back room but I couldn't swear to it.

Let us pray . . .


  1. Gorgeous bikes! Loving your little vintage corner, ma'am.

  2. My brother wanted me to ask you to build him a Harley. Yeah, seriously. I laughed in his face. The man hasn't done anything but sit in a recliner and watch TV for two years...and I'm going to get him a Harley? Keep dreaming.

  3. I was also in one of those pockets yesterday! Neat stuff Chris!

  4. I hate being in google blog hell! Glad you are back to us today!

  5. Funny how men will take a basket case and lovingly build her back up, but present them with a backed up sink or light switch that doesn't work, and they just don't have the same enthusiasm!

    Ha ha, well *some* men ;)

    But I love it that guys love doing guy things. By the way, I'd flash them but I have nothing there ha ha ha.......

  6. I thought I was over that whole Blogger debacle, but now I'm all riled up again!!!
    It's so unfair that those damn bikes are so heavy, because I always wanted to be a biker chick myself!

  7. Oh, now you've gone and done it! The UsPuss has "stomp on the darn thing 54 times" behind that sly smile. It will come in a million little pieces and I'll be forced to get "crafty" and make a mosaic or something. In which case, you know I'll blog about it! LOL Love the new look of your blog. When Blogger suffered radiation burn-out yesterday, I threw the mother of all hissies, but today I'm mollified with my new look. Love the colors of your blog, and as always, I love to read what you write as it always produces a smile, no matter how wretched and vile the hissy fit.


  8. thank you for stopping by...

  9. Welcome back to the world wide web of insanity Christine :D

    Please tell the hubby that I'm impressed! All I've got is an old Robin Hood cruiser... for some reason the chicks don't dig those so much ;P

  10. I'm impressed that you attempted to ride a bike. I have a four wheeler. With a son and a hubby who love to ride dirtbikes, I had to learn to ride or be left behind. I'm now wondering what is wrong with being left behind!

  11. You are so funn! I love reading your stuff. Not a big bike fan, but love lookin'..and yes, Dennis Hopper, RIP. Man that makes me feel really old! Zootsuitmama

  12. Thanks for pointing out when I should be impressed, that helped a lot. Spokes you say! Just look at those beauties! WoooooWeeee! This was a great post, Especially Hippie Nate, I've known a few of those!