Friday, June 11, 2010

Freakin' Fabbo Friday!!!

(Warning: this post is probably one of my best examples of raging, rampant, unbridled good ole American consumerism.  Do NOT continue reading if you have a problem with that.  DO continue reading if you want to see some really really good stuff!).

My entry into Miz 1950's Atomic Ranch's "Show Me Your Habitat or I'll Hit You" fest--here we have a vintage record cabinet that collapses in on itself if you look at it the wrong way; my lovely deer lamp/planter with the vint . . . (ok, let's dispense with the word VINTAGE before everything since it's all vintage, believe me) lampshade; black & white tri-corner ashtray on metal stand; black panther planter; AND incredibly fantastic crucifix on foil over foil. 
That would also be the original-when-the-house-was-built-in-the-70's paneling that denotes this room, the former dining room, as da classiest room in da joint.  Since the rest of the house was also completely paneled in godawful cheapo green or brown, this paneling, by default, is the nicest.  Not saying I LIKE it, it's just not as nauseating.

These candlelabra and ceramic bird just scream "MY GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE!"  They're in MY living room, though.  Does this mean I'm turning into The Dragon Lady?  Uh oh. 

When I saw these boots in an antique mall with a tag that read "Real Ostrich Boots Original Price $300 Now $25" I thought "This is too good to be true.  They'll never fit."  Ohhhhh, but they do!  And don't they look fabulous with my awesome yee-ha cowgirl hat?!

This week's green planter photo (I couldn't let Michael show the ONLY green planter), although this one is California Pottery, not McCoy. 

A pair of lovely Royal Copley vases.

Handblown cobalt blue vase with a very rough pontil mark on the bottom.  It looks incredible with the sun shining through it.

I love these mugs.  They were made by Hazel-Atlas and are known as "Kiddie Mugs" due to their smaller-than-normal size of 3".  The color is classified as pink but they sure look orange to me. 

Here's one of the kiddie mugs next to a regular size 3-1/2" mug.  The kiddie mugs were $2.99 each at the thrift store and their tags had been marked "Collectible" which means someone was at the computer again in the back room.  Lucky for me no one who shops at America's Thrift Store would pay three bucks for these things and they'd been marked down to $1.39 each.  The larger mug was made by Glasbake, the apparent leper of the glass collecting world.  I am constantly finding Glasbake items at insanely low prices--this mug cost me all of twenty-seven cents at the same store and it's just as old as Fire-King.  When is Martha Stewart and/or the Japanese going to go bananas over Glasbake so my stuff will become valuable? 

Probably not in my lifetime, but oh well, I still like it.

Great Hazel-Atlas Moderntone creamer & sugar set.  Note: if you find Moderntone with fired-on colors like this (rust), remember that the color can chip off, so check it carefully.  The darker colors are a little more valuable and if the interior and exterior have the fired-on color, that's better. 

Little Red Riding Hood salt shaker.  I've pretty much stopped buying "onesies" because you are rarely able to locate the other one but she was just too cute to resist.  Plus I think Red's got a bit of an attitude going on . . .

This doll was made by the Shuri Women's Handicraft Club in Okinawa, Japan.  Every tract home worth it's two cents in the 50's and 60's had a doll like this, albeit with a glass cover.  I know MY house did--we bought ours at the Japanese Tea Garden Gift Shop in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.  I bought this doll specifically to recapture that memory--$15 at an estate sale.

Kanawha (West Virginia) Glass mini amber hobnail pitcher. 

This small pitcher is a great deep dark green.  I didn't see all the crackling (which I love) until I photographed it.  Must have been some sort of giveaway by the Delaware Water Co.

When I'm not thrifting and antiquing I make jewelry.  This is an aventurine ankle bracelet with crystal rondelles and silver bead caps.

For some reason I'm liking green right now.  Another ankle bracelet, with green & blue glass beads, green gemstone beads, and two large faceted sparkly blue beads, with silverplate findings.

When I saw these little lampwork gator beads at a recent bead show I had to get them.  I especially like the one who looks like he just fell down and mashed up his snout!

In honor of the Louisiana alligator and all the other critters who are getting hammered by the Gulf oil spill, these are now the latest VintageChristine giveaway.  Just leave me a comment telling me you want them, I'll wait a few days and then will pick the lucky winner. 

Oh, and even if you don't want the earrings, I'd still love to hear from you, as always!

Love y'all, and have a wonderful Friday!!!!!


  1. Ooooo ahhhh LOVE the goodies in the first photo!

    Mom has some crystal candelabras with the dangles just like yours. Bought them for herself then gifted them to me on a Birthday because she had nothing else that year to give me. Yikes the things that make my heart ache!

    lol@leper of the glass collecting world! I keep trying to find those types of lepers so I can snag some vintage goodies cheap, like those gravel art pictures you see once in a while. Once Martha or Atomic Ranch magazine features something, it's all over. Kapoot. No more secret stash of treasures!

    Oooo and love the earrings! Me me!

    And I am trying to get my own giveaway going over here (says the lady with a pile of bubble wrap and boxes waiting in her living room).

    Happy Friday! An 'Arg' for Dad!

  2. Your blog has a cute name which I relate to.
    I don't know anything about vintage items but find your photos and explanations interesting.

  3. ok, I would knock my granmda over for those earrings! yep, I am that viscious!

    That little Red Riding Hood...My mom had a cookie jar and salt and peppers. I put them in my flea market booth at $65 for the cookie jar and $25 for the S&P. Someone marked the cookie jar down to $5 and just plain stole the S&P. The owner reimbursed me the $60 diff on the jar, and then took the money out of the clerk that was working that day's pay (the shop has a policy that no markdowns are to be accepted done in pen, must be a printed tag). I flet a bit like a heel, but vindicated at the same time.

    anyway...good stuff you got there. Love it all and yes, you are channeling the dragon lady. congrats.


  4. Wow! That was Faboo, my Friday is now complete! I like the gators but alas, have no holes in my lobes (I'm a wuss) and couldn't wear them! I know someone will really love em! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love how 1950's Atomic Ranch House loves the goodies in the first pick. But if it was me then I would love all the goodies in all the photos. LOL. I am loving the earrings especially with his smashed up snout!

  6. My, you brag over your purchases, you materialistic person you... :) (Sound familiar?)

    LOVE LOVE the stuff. I wish we could go shopping together. You find the neatest things!

  7. You have some great stuff there, Chris! I love Glasbake, too, so I think the value of it just went up three more cents. I won't drink out of any other kind of coffee cup. Gotta be Glasbake or Fireking. I had a blue Hazel Atlas creamer that I sold in my booth, just loved the color of it. And those earrings you sent me are so pretty. I really do love them.


  8. You got some fabulous items there Mz Christine! I would love to wear those fabulous earrings! Whooo Hooo!

  9. Loving your haul of vintage goodies. I love how they are all incredibly unique and how each one has personal resonance with you. It transcends being "junk"- they are all useful vintage items with a purpose and a soul.

    I love those gorgeous gator earrings. Count me in, I'd love to win 'em.

  10. Hey, sis just told me about this site. shopgoodwilldotcom. You may already know about it, but in case you didn't, it's a great place to shop!


  11. I wonder if the pepper shaker was the Big Bad Wolf? I'll be on the lookout. Love all your goodies. As for the alligator earrings, we had a story on the local news this morning. One of the local swimming holes now has an alligator living in it. They recommend no one swim in it for a while. When do you think it would be safe to go back in!

  12. Yahoo, miss. I see another "flea market chic" style on YOUR blog. Rock and roll with your bad self. I love how your collection spans many genre and eras. In short, I love your style!

  13. Chris, love your blog! I totally relate to the excitement I can hear in your words/voice. I will hit the streets tomorrow in search of stuff!

  14. Thank you for taking the time to stop by...Love the doll.

  15. Thanks for the tour! I feel bad/laugh when thrift stores try to sell things like your kiddie mugs at a 'collectible' price ;)

  16. OH! drool...drool...drool!!

    L.O.V.E. them gators too ;-)

    All of your jewelry is Great! - So, if I send You some SeaGlass, YOU can drill some tiny little holes in it and make some wonderful creations???!!

  17. I love LOVE those boots! Hope you're wearing them with short sassy dresses! I couldn't pull that off, but I know you could! You are a great collector - and a great maker of jewelry. Please, oh please, enter me in your earring give-a-way too.

  18. Girl - you ARE the Conspicuous Consumption Queen!! Zootsuitmama
    p.s. I thought I was.

  19. Love it all! I always say: Consume away!!

  20. I have a record cabinet EXACTLY like that one in fine sturdy shape!

  21. I love to win stuff!! Even alligator earrings!! Even when I have no idea how big they even are!! They could be huge and ridiculous looking, but you know what? I STILL would love to win them, and I'd STILL wear 'em! (Maybe only to Doo Dah Day or something similar, but I'd love to have them for sure!!) So, please enter me in the contest - enjoyed reading about your newest finds, sis!

  22. Oh sign me up to win those aligators!! How precious they are in a aligator way!!!

    Just found your blog and proud to be a new follower. Can't wait to sit and read all your back posts. Keep up the great blog!! P.S. Hope you win/get your matching poodle!!

  23. I got my wife some gator earrings a lot like those. I love all of the vintage things that you showcase o this site. Great work!