Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Heart "I Heart Everything"

Imagine my surprise when the giant snail who delivers my mail oozed up yesterday and left me a nice little package from Amber of I Heart Everything.  Before opening said package, however, I needed to peruse this (after donning my reading glasses, of course):

and thumb through my favorite liberal Evangelical magazine:

and then I was ready to open the package.  Since everyone else had already received theirs (oh wait, the one Amber sent to Outer Mongolia MAY have taken longer to get there than it took to get mine to Mississippi) I kinda knew what was inside, but imagine my surprise when I saw she'd taken special care to send CERTAIN people CERTAIN items!  This girl is just toooooo clever!
She MADE all these stickers and magnets and the card!

I'm actually quite flattered that I received this magnet:
Patriotism and sexual positions always go hand in hand, right?

This magnet portrayed something that we actually owned long ago.  My father loved to use these at cocktail parties at home.  My mother was mortified every time.

They will be a great addition to some of my favorite magnets:

(and of course my "What my daughter would've been like if I'd ever HAD a daughter" magnet):

I'll put them with all the other magnets once I find some room . . .

Thank you so much Amber. And your Tiki Bar-Arcade is the most amazing thing I've seen in ages. You are awesome!!!!!


  1. omg Bwaaahahaha love the "daughter" magnet!!

    We love Amber!

    And LOL@your mail reading material.

    I had some nice folks go around the neighborhood spreading the good word this past Sunday.

    I considered asking them to help me move my big 1930's ten-ton dining table from the living room into the Studio, but those little ladies were in high heels tee hee...

  2. Love your magnet collection! What a fun mail day....

  3. Christine, when I was packing the envelopes, I had rotated out several different magnet sets on your pile o' stuff. Finally I settled on these two. I thought, who would think the Spread Eagle was as funny as I do and who else would like nekkid lady ice cubes. O' how I wish you had your dad's old ice tray! I can't believe you guys ACTUALLY had those, your poor mom, how *em-bare-ass-ing* LOL! I'm glad you got it, finally. As you can see I had some trouble with your zip code, maybe thats what held it up. I guess magnets were a good choice for you, next time I'll make some large-print Christian themed ones for ya!

  4. Wow, Amber really gets you! I love those magnets she made especially for you. And thank you for putting up that Dr. John video. I loooved that song back in the day. Your blog is great groovy fun!

  5. I loveyour collection, but my favorite is the nudie ice cubes. What better venue than that to dispay one's love of porn.

  6. Hurray for happy mail! That magnet collection is awesome!

  7. Cool! I just posted about the goodies I got from Amber, too. She must think I'm a prude! I didn't get any sexual inuendo magnets! She's a smart girl, isn't she!