Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Cavalcade of (Girly Girl) Stuff

My guest room really isn't for guests--it's where I can display all my really feminine treasures and not make Mike feel overwhelmed by them in our bedroom.  As he says, I've never met a surface that I didn't immediately cover with "stuff" and the guest room is no exception.  At least once a day I'll go in there, sit on the daybed and just look at all my beautiful things.  It's the kind of meditation that only a true hoarder can understand . . . and I know you do.  First, my art pottery collection (plus that incredible green horse TV lamp).  Many of these items have been purchased over the years at the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, MS, a festival chock-a-block full of amazing potters, sculptors, metal artisans, art dollmakers and more.

When my brother-in-law John's not training high school pole-vaulting or creating software programs for police departments or competitive bicycling or beating up nerds at the ju-jitsu (or whatever it is) class, he builds and refinishes furniture in those 10 seconds of spare time he has.  He did an absolutely incredible job with a dresser I found in Illinois and you can see a little bit of it in this photo.  Also on view is an absolutely gorgeous Westmoreland pink glass Shell candy dish, a porcelain kitty cat and a couple perfume bottles.

On the other side of the dresser are two pretty poodles sans tails (you get them ALOT cheaper without tails!) and my handsome hubby's wedding picture.  Lord god he was young!!!

Here's what's in the middle of the dresser--a sparkling cut glass vanity tray with perfume bottles, powder boxes, candleholders and a ring holder.  It came from an estate sale where everything was in beautiful condition AND reasonably priced.  The tray is proof that I didn't just dream about an estate sale like that!

I  don't really consider myself a doll collector but these little Avon dolls are pretty cute.  Oh wait a minute--I have five million Barbies.  Belay that "I'm not a doll collector" crapola.

Mom bought the large rocker at a country auction in Alabama.  The smaller one was hers since childhood.  When she was living with me she kept saying she wanted to knit, so I got her needles and yarn from her house and bless her heart, she really did try to make something.  Unfortunately, her fingers were so gnarled from arthritis that it just wasn't possible.  I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the yarn supplies after she died last year, even though I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I personally will never ever ever in a million years learn how to knit. 
The little house under the rocker is a Plasticville Ranch House.  Cute, huh?

The sweet teddy bear was handmade from a vintage chenille bedspread. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our tour of Vintage Christine's guest room.  You've already toured her bathroom.  Next stop . . . THE CAVERN OF HORRORS, better known as my office.  Naw--I'd better leave well enough alone and let you continue to think I'm (probably ) not really THAT insane.  Because if you saw my office you'd be sending the paddy wagon over mighty darn fast. 

My dad's back in the hospital--staph infection again.  Just remember when you get depressed and defeated: If my 84-year old dad can survive everything he's been through, there's no reason on earth why YOU can't! 


  1. Here's hoping your dad makes a speedy recovery!!

    PS: I want your planters.

  2. Ahhh yes, love your guest bedroom!

    Bedroom #1 is my "shabby chic, fluffy frilly anything goes" bedroom just like your guest room. A tribute to my Mom who loved to collect darn near everything from dolls to anything pretty that caught her eye. I have all my pink quilts and rose dealies and dollies and fru-fru lamps and such in there, just like yours!

    I have a feeling more of the girly stuff from my Master bedroom will go in there. If I can somehow magically make more room!

    My office. Yikes, this is another issue for me. How to keep it vintage while using all the modern things I need. If you figure it out, show us photos! When I get this room done, I will do the same.

    (((Hugs))) to your Dad. Spent my whole adult life caring for aging parents. So I know what that feels like.

  3. Love this post. I have a 'pink' room and its where I keep all my girly stuff. One of these days I will get it organized enough to take photos...Oh I sure hope so anyway! Love that pink candy dish....gorgeous.

    Wishing a Speedy Recovery to your Dad.

  4. Isn't it funny! We can always find somewhere for our obsessions/collections! If an a messy study is grounds for involuntary commitment, I'll meet you at the psyc hospital!

    Hope your dad is doing okay. Staph infections suck! He has a good attitude, so I know he'll bounce back quick!


  5. Hope your pop has a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing all your treasures. I'm off my "no thrifting" kick so I'll be posting soon. What a nightmare that was!

  6. My prayers are wiht your Dad. Im also glad im not the only one who "mediatates" :P

  7. I hope your Dad makes a quick recovery, Chris.
    I try not to make our bedroom too frou-frou for my hubby, even though he says he doesn't care! That clam shell candy dish is pure yummyness!

  8. Oh, that gorgeous Westmoreland candy dish! Only the finest Christmas ribbon candy and "pillows" (as I used to call the little square quilted candies) are worthy of such a dish!

    Hope your dad improves!


  9. What a fun room, I would sit in it all day just looking around! I've got a ton of Barbies from when I was collecting them, now I just want to sell them to feed my other collection habits. lol

    I hope your dad is better soon!

  10. That pink dish really caught my eye!

    Hope your dad is better soon.

  11. Do you do a 'bag check' after people have stayed in your guest room??? ;-)
    Very Nice!!!

    Your Dad's a tough guy, he'll beat this too!

    THANKs for the tour!

  12. What a FUN room! One day, I may actually get all my Disney "junk" in one place and display it.... somehow.... somewhere. And I can just see myself, just sitting in that room, big grin on my face, enjoying all my pretties! :)