Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

I used to start celebrating my birthday about a week ahead of time just to make sure I was able to accommodate everyone's wish to take me out and get me drunker than a skunk.  And in ChristineLand, there's no such thing as a "belated" birthday wish, card (or best of all) GAILY WRAPPED PRESENT!  AND IF YOU'RE GIVING ME AN EXPENSIVE PIECE OF JEWELRY, SCREW THE WRAPPING!!

This year, I'd like to share what I've received so far for my birthday:
(Inside:  "Turn the other cheek.")
The card was also accompanied by a World Market gift card with this note . . . "I saw this card & 2 things went through my mind - (1) That guy looks A LOT like Uncle Mike & (2) that cute magnet would be a perfect addition to their fridge! = )  I hope you can find something at World Market to  help you celebrate . . . WINE WINE WINE!  I think you're fabulous Gogie!  I love you soooooo much!  Always, Corinne & Anthony".  My niece Corinne and her hunny boyfriend.  I love you soooo much, too!  Note:  although I'm pretty sure Corinne knows her Uncle Mike's meaning of the word "bubblegum", I didn't know she knew what his butt cheeks looked like.  Butt CRACK, maybe -- like most white men, Mike is afflicted with the dread "NoButt" disease, which is the inability to keep your pants UP when you squat DOWN.  It's not life-threatening, just gross if you discover your neighbor has the disease one early morning when you're  half asleep, haven't yet  had your coffee, and your stomach is still a bit queasy from last night's vino overindulgence.  TEE-EMM-EYE!! 

In the rest of the entire world's defense, the mail hasn't arrived yet today.  In the meantime, while I wait for the mail lady to pull up, honk, and make me go outside to her SUV to accept the many cards and presents I'm sure are waiting for me even now at the local pee oh, here are some cards I've given to myself.
(Inside: "On your birthday, just relax and go with the flow")
A particularly appropriate card given the fact that my father frequently referred to me as Princess Running Water and I'm now a card-carrying member of the "Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go RIGHT NOW" Club.

(Inside:  "It's unanimous--You've still got it!)
Was there any doubt?!

Unfortunately, this next card hits waaaaaaay too close to home.  Sadly.
(Inside: "That way I can put a hook in it to hold up my bra.")


My darling husband called me YESTERDAY to wish me an early Happy Birthday AND a Happy Anniversary (I forget about our anniversary every single year even though I purposedly got married on the day before my birthday so I'd remember said anniversary.  He knows I forget it and loves me even still). 

Best present ever?  Actually, there are two this year:
1.  My wonderful husband
2.  My dad, who just celebrated his 84th birthday on April 6

If you're even HALF as happy and blessed as I am today, you are truly lucky!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Christine. I posted a message for you on my blog. Go check it out. Wish you still lived in SF. I'd do up the town with you.

  2. many happy returns of the day my dear. may your next year be full of fun and blessings!


  3. Happy Birthday Christine, you're not old you're vintage! Have a great day.

  4. HAppy Birthday Christine! Love the cards - best entertainment in the world to go spend some time in the card department - ha!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY young'in!

    How word verification is : da liz


  6. Happy Happy Birthday, dear Christine! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Have lots of fun, and even overindulge a little! Enjoy your birthday week!

  7. WOOO HOOO! BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY!!! :) :) Here's to an amazing evening! I'm so glad you got the card, Corinne is GREAT at selecting that kind of thing now after seeing today's post I see she got the gift from her fabulous aunt! Happy birthday again!

  8. Happy, happy birthday! I love a girl who knows how to enjoy her birthday! However, I didn't read how many spankings we're supposed to give you today!

  9. Happy Birthday! I always have a birthday week but this year I'm having a birthday month in June...hey you only turn 60 once! Enjoy your week! oh heck go for a month! or is that too much celebrating?

  10. Joyful wishes to you for a fantastically marvelous birthday and a year ahead that sparkles with everything you heart desires!!!

    Oodles of hugs & happy birthday wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Sorry, I was out of town,...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Hope you have many, many more happy birthdays!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! What are you like 22? 23 now? Enjoy!!!

  13. Well, since there is no such thing as a belated birthday greeting...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was a blast. I love those cards, they crack me up! :-)