Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Are Going To Be Sooooooo Jealous!

We just got back from a fun-filled trip to southern Illinois.  Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but we really did enjoy seeing hubby's side of the family--one of his nieces got married and that was our main reason for going.  Took the dogs but the big one, Boogie, is probably banned for life from his parents' home since when we left the dogs alone for the evening Boogie not only got up on their bed but decided some antique lace panels were IN HER WAY and she NEEDED TO SEE OUT THE WINDOW . . . so she shredded them.

It's times like that when I think maybe having actual human-type children might have been a better idea. 

And what, pray tell, is going to make y'all soooooo jealous?  Oh, just the most incredible deal on a  . . . HA HA!  You will just have to wait until later today since (now you're going to get jealous even before you get jealous later) I'm about to leave to spend the day in New Orleans with my Spring-breaking niece Amy and her buddy Kristin.

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day and no one's suffering too much from green beer hangover.


  1. Oh such a tease! Have fun New Orleans.

  2. The suspense is killing me. I'm already jealous! :)

  3. Can't wait to see...Zootsuitmama

  4. A day in New Orleans - sounds wonderful. :o)

  5. Can't wait to see what the deal is!!!