Friday, March 26, 2010

UPDATE! Before Lillian Vernon, There Was Mrs. Dorothy Damar!

Here's a sneak peek at my very own copy of the 1957 Holiday catalog--you are not going to BELIEVE what's in here. 

Be sure to click on these images to get the full impact of these INCREDIBLE deals!  How about the sunburst clock?  Or the desk lamp/globe!

See the spice rack, upper left corner?  I own that very set--paid $15 for it at the thrift store.  Argh!  I overpaid!  Oh wait, if it cost $3.98 in 1957, then adjusted for today's dollar, that would make it worth . . . hmm, let's see, calculating . . . ONE MILLION DOLLARS! 

What I wouldn't give to add Mrs. Damar's Infant of Prague to my Infant of Prague collection.  Just to get one with no nicks, chips or gouges AND all the fingers on the right hand would totally make my day.  If you haven't seen my collection, there's a picture at the very bottom of this blog.  Added bonus--click on it for the Novena.

I'll bet if you showed up at "Antiques Roadshow" with any ONE of these toys that fat guy who does the toy appraisals would squeal like a little pig, he he he.

I have a very good reason for not showing you anymore full page images but I couldn't let the following go without special mention.  I LOVE that they called the Mammy toaster cover a Southern Belle.  How progressive was that for 1957?!

Yup, back in the day, a girl didn't think twice about getting dressed up in a tight skirt and sweater AND high heels to polish her ride.  And I'll bet she improved with use, too . . .

OK--now for the giveaway.  One lucky completely-picked-at-random winner will receive this catalog!  You are not going to believe the cool stuff that sold for pennies back in 1957.  Oh wait--here's one more:
Wouldn't you just give anything to have this desk?

So anyway, all I'm asking is that you leave a comment on this post.  Plus, not only will you win this incredible catalog, but you'll naturally get some Easter candy and some other vintage stuff which I'll show you tomorrow.  There's only going to be one winner this time since I nearly had to take out a second mortgage on the house after paying all that postage on the first giveaway.

Plus the cat has flatly refused to participate this time. 


  1. Man I love these old catalogs something awful... for real. Im not kidding.



  2. You won a blogging award-check it out. The trophy and tiara will be in the mail shortly. Thanks for making this whole thing so much fun!


  3. Oh, enter me, please! I love old catalogs!

  4. Oh man, I have such a love/hate relationship with those old catalogs!! Enter me so I can flog myself while reading it!!

  5. I wonder if the catalog would still honor these sale prices?

    Love the magic action Swami cloth. Is that the precursor to the Sham-Wow?

  6. How neato!!! These old catalogs are something else!

  7. I've been gone, (lights are on but no body's home gone) for a couple of weeks now so I have to comment on your STARBURST CLOCK (holy shit is that a winner!) and that TABLE AND CHAIRS (wow wow double wow!!) Maybe I should exit cyberspace more often because you score big when I do. Yes, I did get a clock also and soon I will get my ass in gear and catch up on my blog stuff. Thanks for missing me. I love your new look by the way...very springy.

  8. Whoa Nelly! We had that clock in my living room when I was growing up! I'll try to post some pix of it on Zootsuitmama! and...Speaking of give a ways, I still don't know how to send your prize!! Email me at

  9. Please include me in your giveaway:)I LOVE old catalogs and magazines!

  10. I have that "Southern Belle" toaster lady sitting in my kitchen right now. It was in my great grandmother's kitchen as long as I can remember (she passed '85). She's missing an earring but she also has a cute apron.