Monday, March 29, 2010

Aaaaccckkk! I Could Strangle Blogger!

I can't see any images on my blog or anyone else's!  And I have some really good Easter-ish pix, too.  No dead animals anywhere!!!

This situation had better clear up soon or I'm going to stamp my little foot (hey--size 10 is little if you're a Na'vi . . .), put my hands on my little hips (HA! that's a lie) and just get so darn mad.  Ooooo, I could scream, I could.

Anyway, the giveaway will end tomorrow so if you want to enter, leave a comment either on this post or via this link to the giveaway post.  



  1. What on earth? Try the Blogger help group. They usually are wonderful with stuff like this.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its blogger???? i thought it was the blogs ... duh


  3. Okay - I have been having trouble, too - thought it was my server.
    It's frustrating!!

  4. I'm just glad to discover that I'm not the only one seeing blank boxes!

    I've read about this happening to people but have never had the problem myself until now. At chat forums, yes, but not here.

    I understand some people leave blogger for Wordpress because of this very issue.

  5. Well it looks like you are in good company! Hopefully the internet elves are hard at work fixing the problems! :-)

  6. This happened to me earlier, too. It seemed to resolve itself (for me at least, and I hope for everyone else), but it was really, really irritating.

  7. For some reason if I use Internet Explorer I don't get pictures so I use Mozilla Firefox now and it works fine. Go figure.