Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christine, where the hell are you??? Please come back, I miss you!

(Photo taken one month after this one.  Just call me Mack Mommy.  Mustang Eddie and I are about to leave the King Arthur Club, hop into our gangsterline and head over to the afterhours club on Fillmore Street.  Have a cocktail, do a few lines, talk trash and crash at the pad.)

Thank you, Madam, for jarring me back to my senses.  And for everyone else who let me know in no uncertain terms that poodles and religious nightlights are apparently NOT what they come here for.  I thought I'd gone over the line with the (currently hidden) post about the semi-nude hot-bodied gangster, but maybe not.   Just in case you  missed him (or you're just, you know, MISSING HIM) . . .

Truthfully, I never really thought I was living an unconventional life--what I was doing was what all my friends were doing back in the day.  When I had enough, I'd go live with my mother in Alabama until I got bored and yearned to return to The Life.

So I went through a period of my life when I dated black men.  They weren't all pimps and drug dealers--most of them had jobs and "did" drugs occasionally.  I had FUN, darn it all--I partied with professional football players (OMG, the Raiders in those days were some hellacious party animals!) and dated OJ Simpson's brother for awhile.  Yes, I met OJ but didn't think much of him since his wife-battering ways were just coming to public attention.

Now, there will still be posts about my vintage collecting and collections, just because that's what I love. 
A little sugar, a little spice.  Nice combo.


  1. Oh Mommy Mack, it's good to have you back! Now if you'll just bring that half naked man back all will be right with the world! Oh and you and Mr. Mustang were looking mighty fine that night.

  2. Honey I love it all. The lovely trashy lifestyle choices you(me) made back then and now here we are and loving vintage and thrift finds. Life is a crazy circle. Keep em both coming girlfriend and always know I am grateful for the wonderful eye candy! yum...and I don't mean the poodle pics! he he.

  3. I'm living vicariously through your past life Christine! Of course I love seeing the vintage finds, but I'm also enjoying the vintage fashions that you sported back in the day. I did miss the gangster post, so thank you for reposting the picture of him. Wow....

  4. You know, I hadn't thought about it that way, but you do have a bit of schizophrenia from post to post. And, you know what, that isn't a bad thing! Sugar and spice? Schizophrenia? Same thing!

    PS Dump Mustang Eddie and go for Shirt Naked Con!

  5. Yep, I had to look one more time before moving on to the next blog post. Why is Shirt Naked Con's belt undone? HMMMM?

  6. We love your life! We all had some version of it, but you actually have pictures to back it up.

    Personally, I'm thrilled I grew up in the pre-cellphone, internet, video (i.e. no evidence) days. If someone forgot a camera, oh well, the moment didn't exist!

    Rock on woman, rock on!

  7. FANTASTIC! Glad your back ;) and cant wait to see your collections!

  8. I love each and every matter what you are posting about.