Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Feeling Too Good About Myself Today (But It's Getting Better)

As the title says, I'm not feeling too good about myself today.  The green-eyed monster reared its ugly head this morning and I let it have its way with me for a few minutes.
Giving and getting blog awards is quite the business in the blog-o-sphere and some people seem to get them every day for being creative or crafty or funny or retro-cool or whatever.  On some blogs, you can scroll down miles and view one blog award after another.  Yay for them.

And even though you say you don't CARE about getting awards, let's not kid ourselves--we've wanted to be praised for our efforts ever since we popped out of the womb.  "Oh how nice--you got a gold star in kindergarten!"  "Good going--you got an "A" on your spelling test!"  "I'm so proud of you for that "E" in Citizenship!"  "Fantastic--you're in Honors English (we'll ignore that you're also in Remedial Math . . .")  "Wow! You got the job!"  And always through my life, my mother would read a poem or short story I'd written and say, "That's so good, Christine--you should send it in!" 

The one time I submitted a collection of poems for publication I got turned down by four editors.  That nipped THAT in the bud.

All that being said, when I started my daily perusal of my favorite blogs, I saw that one of them had gotten an award (totally deserved), then saw that ANOTHER had gotten the same award (also totally deserved).  Now, the Saints just won the Super Bowl, New Orleans has a new mayor, and Sarah Palin hasn't yet announced that she's running for President.  Things that should supersede everything else and no matter what, make me happy. 


I sat here, staring at the computer screen, seriously thinking about ending it all.  (My blog, silly, not ME).   "Wah" I moaned.  "I NEVER get any of those damn stupid awards.  BOO HOO!"   Then, morosely and slowly (although I'm not sure anyone ever did anything fast while morose), I scrolled down a bit further on Miz Chicken's blog, and saw:

Now that I have given you my 7 things you didn't know, I am challenging these funny, vintage girls to do the same. I bequeath upon you this fabulous Kreativ Blogger award...
Chris from I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage. She knows her vintage glassware and has a wicked sense of humor to boot. I'm betting there are very few things on this earth that Chris hasn't tried!

Actually, there ARE a few things on this earth that I haven't tried, but eating humble pie isn't one of them.  I've done it before and I'm doing it now.  Thank you, my dear friend Anna.
(And as soon as I get my head out of my ass I'll respond to the award)


  1. THANK YOU for my first good laugh this morning. I was doing the same thing day before yesterday and had the same thing happen to me!!

    We should be ashamed of ourselves, but we aren't, are we?

    Congratulations on your Major Award!

  2. Congratulations on your award. :-)

    It's nice when people recognize your efforts if you have that type of blog (which you do). I got one for my art blog way back when.

  3. Ha ha ha if I had known this was important, I would have awarded your blog long ago!

    I think I've been mentioned once for an award? I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I must be dumb as a rock lol. I think it had a little picture "award" I was supposed to put on my blog? Is that what you do? I can send it to you!

  4. Congratulations on your award!

    What will you wear to accept your award? Is there an after party? Snacks? Who's presenting?

    I need the facts :)

  5. I have got a solution for you Christine....Let's make our own damn awards up and give them to each other. I'll go first. The winner of the "YOU MAKE ME LAUGH MY ASS OFF ON A DAILY BASIS AWARD" goes to VINTAGE CHRISTINE!!!!! Well done Missy. Make yourself a little button and put that in your side bar. You're better at that stuff than I am. And I really mean really, really, crack me up. So thank you. Now go get your hair done and get ready for the pre awards show. Go on now!

  6. So Funny and SO TRUE! I was feeling a little like that myself when I got not one but two of the same awards sent to me. I sent it to Anna and she sent it to you! So now all of us first timers can smile and get our heads out of our bottoms for having green eyes once upon a time.
    Love your blog and you DESERVE THIS!
    Always, Linda @ A La Carte

  7. Congrats on your award!

    I'm not big on blog awards 'cause there's usually a meme involved. AND I suck at MeMes!

    I do love me some comments, as well as followers. From the looks of things you're doing pretty well! Matter of fact, my green eyes are starting to shine.

    Came over from Mid-Century Madness cause she told me to! Nice blog.

  8. Chris, (can I call you Chris?) You dont Need an Award! Your EPIC!
    Much like Walt Disney who holds an Astounding amount of Academy Awards do people say "Oh look he has x amount of awards!" NO THEY SAY "OH MY GOD THATS WALT DISNEY"...

    I honestly rush home from classes to read your blog (several actually) To paraphrase "Award? You dont need no STINKING Award!"

    :) Dont worry the Monster gets me to sometimes...

  9. See, there's that wicked sense of humor. Plus, you have the knack of saying what the rest of us think but can't put into words! We can start a team called the "I Got One Award for My Blog...VOOT VOOT"